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10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Are A Hopeless Romantic!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Are A Hopeless Romantic!
Whether it's spring or summer, autumn or winter - one thing is always in the air, and that is LOVE!! At least that's true when you're a hopeless romantic...! Even if you aren't one yourself, read on to find out if your bestie, sister or even your significant other is one!

1. You have doodled your married name on a sheet of paper at least a 100 times - so what if you first met the guy just last week!

hopeless romantic

2. The world is always a good place when you're in love - which is pretty much week after week. So things pretty much always seem perfect to you!

3. You're a sucker for the holidays dedicated to love. Valentine’s, anniversaries, birthdays - a perfect excuse to go all-out!

hopeless romantic

4. You have pretty high expectations when it comes to these holidays, though, so watch out for any "non-believers".

5. You're always being told to use your head and not your heart. Umm - it's love, not math!

hopeless romantic

6. You tend to get super involved, like, really fast. But it's okay because you know that the feeling of being in love is what counts.

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7. A rom com, love story or even those adorable “love is” comics are the best things that can happen to your day!

hopeless romantic

8. You haven't lost hope about the fact that there is that special someone out there for you and that he will come your way!

9. Your *secret* Pinterest board is basically a combination of dream wedding scenarios A, B and C!

hopeless romantic

10. You know in your heart, brain, body and soul that the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!! Aww!

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