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10 Things To Do When You Feel Like A Failure

10 Things To Do When You Feel Like A Failure

Life is a series of ups and downs - and some episodes make us feel like we are definitely not succeeding, and like there is no way to get back up! But that’s where we are wrong. Life will eventually get better - all we need to do is have a little patience. Here are some things you can do when you feel like a failure...

1. Cry it out!

A lot of times, most of what we feel is because we have pent-up issues and feelings - and when we don’t let it out, the misery multiplies. It’s completely okay to cry! Your tears don’t make you a weak person. You have got to let it all out. feel like a failure

2. Write it down

Put your thoughts on paper. When one feels like a failure, it is only natural to feel a whirlpool of negativity. Write down everything that you feel.

3. Go somewhere quiet...

The last thing you need is noise pollution when your mind is constantly telling you that you are not succeeding. Pick a place that is soothing and quiet - and just enjoy your own company. Keep all those negative thoughts at bay. feel like a failure

4. Go and pamper yourself

Remember, you deserve this. One failure doesn’t and shouldn’t determine who you are as a person. So go, enjoy life. Get that chic new haircut that you’ve always wanted. Get yourself that massage and that manicure or anything else that will make you happy.

5. Keep yourself busy!

Almost everyone tells you this, but you seem to fall short of ideas. There are so many DIY ideas you could try out at home. The internet is right at your fingertips, so go explore and find things that you will enjoy doing. Don’t be afraid to try out new things. This is how your mind will grow.
feel like a failure

6. This is temporary...

Remind yourself that this is temporary, like all things in life are. Stay positive, because better things are coming your way. Think of all your past victories, no matter how small they might have been. You are who you are at this point and day because of your wins and also your losses. feel like a failure

7. Talk to someone

Everyone goes through tough times - and when the going gets tough, all we want is for someone to hear us out. It’s relieving to know that you aren’t alone in this struggle and that people understand what you are going through. feel like a failure

8. Give yourself pep talks!

As many as you need. Pep talks are really helpful because it’s a reassurance as to how strong you can be.

9. Think of the people who love you...

They love you for who you are. They believe in you and your individuality. So, believe in yourself and never ever underestimate who you are. feel like a failure

10. Read motivational literature

You might feel like reading stuff like this is a waste of time because it’s just words scribbled on paper - but remember, whoever wrote it didn’t write it out of thin air. They went through the same feelings and were able to pen it down. GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST - READ: 16 Signs You Are Succeeding in Life Even If You Don’t Think You Are MUST - READ: 16 REAL Resolutions Every Girl Should Make For A Happy 2016!
Published on Mar 16, 2016
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