11 Things Every 'Just Married' Girl Will Get!

11 Things Every 'Just Married' Girl Will Get!
For some reason people call it the honeymoon period. While the first year of marriage sure has lots of love, sex and romance, it is a lot more than just that! If you’re newly married then you will certainly relate to each of these. And do share it with the bestie who is one her way to tie the knot. It’s good to know what the deal really is!

1. Living with him…

It’s the best ever feeling to be finally living with the man of your dreams. To wake up to him each morning and the good night kisses. First year is like a lovers’ paradise!

first year of marriage1

2. Adjustment is the key

You’ve followed the same pattern for years now. And now it’s got to change. A few adjustments are bound to happen. From putting up with his snores to maybe waking up earlier to the big TV debate, you both will learn to adjust with each other’s lifestyle.

3. No more deadlines!

I had a 11 pm deadline before marriage, but now I can be out partying till the break of dawn! As long as you have your hubby next to you, parents are tension-free!

4. I want to dress nice

Trust me, it happens during the first year. You suddenly want to dress nicer and prettier and more mature. Pretty long dresses, formal pants and fitted tops take over your wardrobe.

first year of marriage4

5. Besties take a back seat

You get so caught up in your new life that BFF night stays and PJ parties are a long forgotten thing. But only for a short while!

6. Sex is great!

’Cause you have lots of it in ways you only imagined! Weren’t you totally looking forward to this part? ;)


7. But setting up a home?!

Uh oh! I was so excited to set up my new home with my husband but it turned out to be a crazy experience. And top it off with the attitude that kaamwali bais throw. It’s psychotic!

8. Festivals are an all new high!

First year festivals are super special. You get to deck up like never before and families from both the sides gather together to make it one big celebration. And let’s not forget the super awesome gifts that come your way!

first year of marriage 8

9. You have new parents!

And you try your best to make a special place in their hearts. In fact, you have a whole new family now and first year is spent building those relationships.

10. And newer responsibilities

Getting married is like a stamp to remind you that you’re now a proper grown up. No one's going to hold your little finger anymore. So be a brave girl and get ready to take on the household and family responsibility.

11. I miss you, Home

You know when you miss home the most? During the first year of marriage. Mummy papa, your room, maa ke haath ka khana, you miss all of it. You suddenly realize just how awesome your parents are!

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