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Relationship Lessons You Learn Early On If You Have… A Brother!

Relationship Lessons You Learn Early On If You Have… A Brother!
Those of us who have grown up with brothers know that it is a whole different experience from any other! There is really no one like a brother. They trouble you, they pester you - but in the end they’re the one’s who encourage and love you the most. If there’s anyone who teaches you how to value yourself because of the way they value you, it’s your brother! Here are some relationship lessons you learn early on if you have a brother!

1. You learnt how to let go and forgive… No matter how big a fight you may have had!

Remember that time when you and your brother literally pulled each other’s hair out and punched each other like you were in an actual boxing ring? One of you or both of you may have ended up crying - but two hours later, there you were sitting in front of the TV and watching your favourite show together. You learnt to let the fights - big and small - go very early on in life, because you realised that you loved him too much to hold a grudge. You do the same now - except the physical fights have turned into verbal ones, thankfully!

2. You learnt how to face an issue, head on…

There was no running away and hiding when you and your brother fought - you learnt how to face him with equal vigour and strength that he showed! Similarly, if you ever get into a row with your partner now, you know that you’re supposed to prove your point just as much as he is his!  Growing up with a brother Also read: 10 Things You’ll Get If Your Brother Is Younger Than You!

3. You learnt a lot about how boys function in general…

They’re not exactly the most organised beings as far as living with them is concerned… But you learnt how to love them anyway!

4. You learnt how to agree to disagree!

Because no two people can always think the same or want the same thing. And who knows this better than the sister who has a brother?! The number of disagreements you had may have been umpteen, but after each of them, you grew a little closer - because you learnt how to make peace without really agreeing with one another.  Growing up with a brother Also read: “I’m Telling Mom!” 16 Things EVERY Younger Sibling Will Get!

5. You learnt how to share...

Everything! Your food, your gadgets, your toys, the TV - everything! Living with and sharing stuff with someone as a grown-up doesn’t seem all that hard when you’ve lived with your brother while growing up - does it?!

6. You learnt how to find happiness in the little things!

The times that you actually remember most fondly with your brother are the random fun times you had with him - like trying to sneak past your parents and doing something naughty, or just watching a movie and chilling in your pajamas on a Sunday! The simple times are what you remember with your brother - so you know that that is what you will always remember even now!  Growing up with a brother Also read: Dear Big Brother, Why You’ll ALWAYS Be My Favourite Person!

7. You learnt how to always be yourself… No matter what anyone else thinks

And be proud of the person you are. Growing up with a brother taught you that you need not be ashamed of anything! You were always yourself around him - and his attitude encouraged you to be the strong woman that you are. No hang-ups about “being a girl” and acting in a certain way. You have the right to be the person you are even in a relationship - and you know that thanks to your brother!
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