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Preity Zinta Talks About Love And Life After Getting Married!

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

Preity Zinta hosted a Q&A session on Twitter two days ago and she finally talked about a lot of things we had been wondering about since her wedding. So here are some of the revelations from the session!

1. The "Goodenough" jokes she made when asked about her husband...

preity zinta on marriage 4

2. When asked about her plans to visit India...

preity zinta on marriage 2

3. The hilarious way in which she responded to her fans congratulating her!

preity zinta on marriage 3

4. Her totally logical answer when she was questioned about the "secrecy" around her wedding...

preity zinta on marriage 5

5. Oh and she's full of marriage jokes! Like when she was asked if she'll attend IPL...

preity zinta on marriage 1

6. And when she was asked about her honeymoon plans!

preity zinta on marriage 6

7. When she was asked about her relocation plans...

preity zinta on marriage 7

8. And of course, her fans joined in on the "Goodenough" jokes!

preity zinta 8

9. And her hopes of spending some time at the IPL with her husband!

preity zinta 9

Images: Preity Zinta on Twitter

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Published on Mar 22, 2016
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