#POPxoBrides: We Love These Brides’ Sunglass Style!

#POPxoBrides: We Love These Brides’ Sunglass Style!
There is absolutely nothing cooler than a bride with her sunnies on! It’s actually the only reason I insisted on a poolside mehendi - so I could flaunt my Ray-Bans with my electric blue suit. Besides looking awesome, pictures with glares are just the coolest! Here are 7 brides who wore sunglasses and nailed the look.

1. Striking it in her sunnies!

These bright yellow-gold tinted Aviators go so well with the bride's off-white outfit. From the yellow genda phool to the yellow turbans and her gold yellow glares, this wedding looks so well planned!

2. Pinkathon!

brides with glares2

She matched her Ray-Bans to her pink bridal lehenga and it’s all looks so cute! PS: Don’t miss that pink potli. Looks like girls are taking their bridal fashion very seriously!

Image Courtesy: Jonak PhotoGraphy

3. Get your funk on!

From the quirky colourful outfit to the fun glares, we are loving every bit of this picture. She’s ditched the regular Aviators for a fuller and funner sunnies!

4. The sexy gold rim

I am in love with these! This gold-rimmed pair is just the sexiest I’ve seen in awhile. The floral jewellery and a mint green outfit make the mehendi look perfect.


5. The classic pick

brides with glares

When in doubt, go in for a basic pair of rose-gold Aviators just like I did! Since my jewellery was a bit loud, the thin rimmed glasses balanced it out.

Image Courtesy: Nishant Suri Photography

6. The retro look

Edgy and fun, go in for the round retro sunnies if ‘usual’ is not your thing. We love these dark-tinted oversized round sunglasses. Brownie points to the bride for carrying it off so well!

7. Rock ‘n’ Roll

brides with glares3

POPxoBride Rucha Vyas took the cool quotient to an all new level with her Ray-Ban Clubmasters! Coupled with her elaborate red and blue lehenga, she totally rocked the look.

Image Courtesy: Rucha Vyas

Featured Image: Nishant Suri Photography

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