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#MyStory: What I Never Want To Forget About 18-Year-Old Me...

#MyStory: What I Never Want To Forget About 18-Year-Old Me...

This year I turned 18, and it truly has been a memorable year full of ups and downs. I met a guy who made me realise what love means and also what heartbreak feels like. But I don’t regret being in love with him, the whole experience taught me a number of things. When he broke my heart, I controlled my emotions and didn’t cry in front of him. I thought I could never forget him, but I learnt to get over him. I learnt to move on… That one hour-long dance session with my bestie, while I was dealing with the breakup, was a refreshing change… I had a great time, actually.  
I didn’t just age one year; I got wiser and became calmer. While I did feel bad about losing connection with some of my school friends, I also made new ones in my college. And that is not all - I did reconnect with a few people with whom I had lost touch. Another change: I have started to listen to my parents more often and I don’t argue with them over small things. I have learnt to acknowledge their perspective, adjust to their wishes and not be a rebel without a cause. I have understood that they are the strongest support system I have and they will always stand by my decisions in life. They are the ones who truly believe in me even when I doubt myself. Then there are changes I need to make, for instance. I have to stop being a procrastinator when it comes to studies. No more “Tomorrow, I will start studying seriously for the exams”. Yes, I wasted a lot of time that way, but I did get good grades. Guess I got lucky - but I can’t take it for granted. I will work as hard as I should, and I will try to participate in more extracurricular activities in college. And here are a few promises I am making to myself to mark this milestone year. I will laugh as much as I can. Because though there are so many troubles in this world, you have to keep a positive outlook to stay happy in life. Find joy in the small things in life...and when tears come to your eyes, it should be because you just laughed so hard. I am not going to judge people because I have realised that everyone is going through their own battles in life.
Internal - promises to myself The best thing about this year was I didn’t lose hope when things went wrong. I fought back and got my life back on track. I feel good about how far I have managed to come in this one year… “Well done you! Just remember the lessons you have learnt this year”. I am now looking forward to another year full of happiness, success and more life lessons. BannerTeal 500px Image: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it. MUST-READ: #MyStory: “Lose Weight,” They Said. I Lost My Confidence Instead… MUST-READ: #MyStory: I Feel So Confused About Life. But Then…
Published on Mar 11, 2016
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