#MyStory: How We Make Our Long Distance Relationship Work!

#MyStory: How We Make Our Long Distance Relationship Work!
Our story began on Tinder. I had already met some interesting people through this dating app, but he was new to this. The basic thing was we were both not looking for a serious relationship. We both swiped right and the interesting text messages that followed led us to meet that evening itself.

Such an amazing evening it was! He seemed to have accomplished so much at a young age and he loved travelling; he shared his travel stories, which I found very interesting. Added bonus…he was very good looking! And through his behaviour he also proved that chivalry ain’t dead. By the end of the date, I was smitten.

He was actually in the city on vacation and had to head back to his home town soon. And thus began our long distance affair. We enjoyed talking to each other every day. We both were pretty compatible and had no inhibitions talking about our past, even our sexual experiences. We accepted each other for what we were and didn’t hide anything from each other.

It had stopped feeling like a fling… I knew I was falling for him.

I would often wonder how he would react if I told him about my feelings for him. During one of our phone conversations I decided to let the secret out, “Hey, I’ve wanted to tell you something. I can’t keep it to myself any more. The thing is I’m in love with you.”

Long distance relationship

Then came the longest milliseconds of my life before he replied, “I love you too...”

For a second I couldn’t believe he actually said that.

I did a happy dance in my head, but still to assure myself asked him, “Are you serious? You don’t have to, you know. I mean…”

“I mean it. I love you.”

He broke all my preconceived notions about how a long distance relationship can be hard to maintain. With him, it was a wonderful experience. In spite of our busy work schedules, we would find time to speak over the phone and we both treasured those precious moments we got to spend with each other. He would listen attentively to everything that I had to say about how my day went and he told me everything about his day.

He often surprised me by sending beautiful flowers to my office. Once, during our regular phone conversation, I told him that I wasn’t getting enough time to eat because of work overload. Within a few days, I got a huge box of dry fruits, many packets of chips and a huge carton of juice from him. Though he was miles away, he would find a way to take care of me.

We meet once every three months and we always had an amazing time together. My strict parents don’t know about him yet. So, every time we meet ,it requires detailed planning. And during those days, we don’t spend a single second apart.

He says his parents have inkling that he is seeing someone. But he also says they are pretty chilled out about it.

We both are in each other’s future plans and he has made some major career changes so as to accommodate my career prospects. Right now, he has shifted to Australia; we are keeping our relationship under wraps until he is settled there. Once I am done with my post-graduation, I will apply for a job at a hospital there. He is already on the lookout for job prospects for me there.

If someone were to ask me whether a long distance relationship is difficult, my reply would be: “Not if you are with the man of your dreams.” <3

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