What To Do When Your Bestie Is PMSing!!

What To Do When Your Bestie Is PMSing!!
We’ve read all kinds of articles on how guys are wary of their girlfriends at “that” time of the month - but the ones who have to tackle the real deal are the besties who have to brave the PMS stage! Fret not, girlfriends, here are some pointers that’ll help you sail through all that drama.

1. YOUR BESTIE: “I hate the dinner made at home today. I already had terrible lunch too!”

YOU: In this situation, you shouldn't only offer to drive her to her favourite restaurant in the neighborhood, but you also should give her the option to stay home and order in some comfort food. With the second option, you have to ensure you give her at least three options from where food can be delivered home. Do not forget to feed her some dessert too. Dessert makes people happy.

2. YOUR BESTIE: “I can’t do this job any longer; my life sucks!”

YOU: It’s very clear to you that it’s the PMS talking - but you have to treat this as a real, need-of-the-hour, emergency situation. You’d normally show her the good side of it all and convince her that she’s an independent young woman who is doing fairly well in life. But now is not the time to react this way. Ask her where she’d like to work next, suggest names of people who she could consult regarding this job change.

PMSing Bestie

3. YOUR BESTIE: “Have you seen the photo my ex posted with his girlfriend?”

YOU: Remind her of the jerk that he was to her and that he will always be a bad idea. And remind her that she is smarter, prettier and a nicer person than that new girlfriend – you manage this, and you’ve done your job right!

4. YOUR BESTIE: *Glares at you for no real reason and gives you the cold shoulder all day*

YOU: Don’t take this personally. She’s mad at anyone who comes in her line of vision. Keep a safe distance from her, but also keep popping into her room at regular intervals - bear the glare, smile back and leave. At such a time she just needs to be left alone - and also be made to realize that you’re around if anything’s needed.

PMSing Bestie

5. YOUR BESTIE: *Decides to gossip about someone whom you genuinely don’t have a problem with*

YOU: Play along. Even if you don’t agree with her point of view, just hear her out and nod! She needs to vent, and she needs your support!


6. YOUR BESTIE: It’s the weekend and you could really use a fun night out, but your bestie says she isn’t in the mood for it...

YOU: Do not force her into this one. Alcohol will only worsen the mood swings. Take a raincheck, or do your thing without her!

PMSing Bestie

7. YOUR BESTIE: She loses her spectacles, you are to blame; she gains one kilo, you fed her too much; she got a zit, and YOU have none (*accusatory tone*)!!

YOU: Humble acceptance is the path to take. It’s unfair, we know – but it’s a matter of a couple of days and things will fall right back in place.

8. YOUR BESTIE: “Maybe I’m so upset because I’m about to get my period!”

YOU: This is a trap. Don’t say a word.

PMSing Bestie

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