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11 Things You ONLY Get If Your Parents Don’t Know About *Him*!

11 Things You ONLY Get If Your Parents Don’t Know About *Him*!
You don’t really want your parents to know about a guy and the relationship you’re building with him till you’re absolutely sure of him yourself. Life’s just easier that way. But what’s not all that easy is hiding your relationship with him from them! Here’s what happens when your parents don’t know about your boyfriend...

1. They know him just as one of your friends - and don’t really think much about him!

Even though the poor guy tries everything in his power to be at his best behaviour around them, and get noticed even just a little bit for it.

2. You, on the other hand, consciously stop yourself from taking his name too often around them...

‘Coz if he features too often in all your stories, your parents may just connect the dots and grow suspicious of you two being more than just friends!

parents do not know about your boyfriend

3. You’ve probably saved his number under an imaginary name in your phone!

So that even if someone accidentally checks your phone, they probably won’t realise that the many calls made to “Samira” were actually made to Samir!

4. If your parents ever catch you whispering into your phone, late at night, you always pretend you’re helping your bestie!

‘Coz they always buy the story where your bestie has a midnight breakdown, and calls you for help. Or the one where she has to submit an assignment in the morning, and you are just helping her finish it.

parents do not know about your boyfriend

5. You always try to say good things about your boyfriend around your parents, so that they too start believing he’s a nice guy…

And start trusting him enough with you, for those late nights parties and events!

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6. Sometimes, you run out of names to tell your parents when you have to go out with him on a date again!

‘Coz they aren’t likely to believe you if you tell them you’re going for lunch with Bhawna and Pooja for a third consecutive Saturday this month!

parents do not know about your boyfriend

7. You save ALL pictures with him in a super secret folder in your phone, laptop, hard disk…

And you always make sure they’re doubly password protected. Like they say, precaution is better than, well, revelation!

8. And any gifts he gives you are always delivered to you under your friends’ names…

And your parents can’t help but feel a little surprised that your friends have suddenly become so thoughtful and sweet.

parents do not know about your boyfriend

9. If your parents take your phone to make a call, even for a minute, it gets your heart racing...

‘Coz what if that’s the moment your boyfriend chooses to send you a cute text?! Or worse, a sext!

10. Even on social media, you limit your pictures with him because of stalker relatives!

Who may drop subtle hints to your parents if they know.

parents do not know about your boyfriend

11. Sometimes, though, you get the feeling that your mom knows about you and him...

Even though she has never really said anything to you about it. But maybe that's just how moms are! We don’t really need to say anything for them to figure out what’s going on in our lives, right?

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