9 Things You’ll Get If You’re The ONLY Daughter In The Family!

9 Things You’ll Get If You’re The ONLY Daughter In The Family!
If you’re the only daughter in your family, you know what being the center of attention all the time feels like! There are times when you absolutely love it, and then there are other times when you get slightly annoyed too. Here’s what happens when you’re the only daughter in the house...

1. While growing up, family functions were kinda boring - you never really had any girls your age to hang out with!

Until, of course, your brothers started letting you play with them - and you totally impressed them with your sports skills. After that, it was all about them fighting over whose team you’re going to be in! HA-HA.

2. Your family is super protective of you!

And you know that teeny-tiny threats being made to cute guys who want to date you is a very real possibility.  

2 only daughter

3. But then they also really spoil you and give in to most of your demands - so it’s all good!

You’ve never really had to wait for your birthday to ask for a special present - just making a sweet puppy face always gets you whatever you want!


4. Your mom is your best friend for life - she is actually like the sister you never had.

Well, she has always been the only other girl around you!

4 only daughter

5. Your brothers, meanwhile, love teasing you and taking your case!

But you know it’s all in good fun! After all, you’re also the only one they come to when they need to discuss their love lives!

6. Bhai Dooj and Rakhi are your absolute favourite festivals!

You’re treated like a star and get the undivided attention of your entire family - gifts galore! :P

6 only daughter

7. You’re the official style guru for your entire family!

And your fashion verdict is always the final verdict.

8. Even though you’ve been a super pampered kid, you’ve actually grown up to be pretty tough and independent.

Growing up with brothers, naturally, also meant a few bruises and fights! You hated it back then, but you realise now that it toughened you up. There’s nothing you’re not ready to face now!

8 only daughter

9. You are everyone’s favourite, by default!

Ah, the perks of being the only one. Life is good!

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