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Fab *New* Ways Of Styling A Maang Tikka For A Shaadi!

Fab *New* Ways Of Styling A Maang Tikka For A Shaadi!

The Maang Tikka has been around for a while, but nowadays it’s even more fashionable because of the different ways in which you can wear it! So ditch the traditional way and try these quirky new ways of wearing the maang tikka and looking fabulous especially during the shaadi season! What you need: Your favorite maang tikka, hair brush, two chains, bobby pins, plastic rubber bands. Difficulty level: As easy as ironing clothes.
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1. The Criss Cross With Maang Tikka

It’s super easy and can be carried off at any festive occasion! Step 1: Divide your hair into two portions. Step 2: Place the maang tikka on the center parting. Try pinning the maang tikka only towards the end. Step 3: After leaving a good amount of hair in the front, clip the rest of the hair at the back. Step 4: Take a layer of hair from the right side and place it on the left side with the help of some bobby pins and repeat the same on the other side. Step 5: When the criss cross process has been completed 4-5 times, depending on the length of your hair, take some bobby pins and pin your hair in place. Step 6: After you are done with this, you can either continue with a fishtail braid or just simply leave it open. And you’re looking amazing! Enjoy more fun stories on the super cool POPxo app… Click here to download!

2. Twirled Hair With DIY Matha Patti

Make this Matha Patti with the same maang tikka by attaching two similar colored chains right after the dangling part of the maang tikka. Step 1: Divide your hair into a thick back portion and leave some portion of hair in the front, just enough to invert it. Step 2: Take the right side of the hair in front and tie it with a rubber band. Fasten it about 3 inches from the scalp. Step 3: Create some gap between the two portions of the hair tied up and invert the ponytail. Step 4: Don’t tie it too tight and repeat the same process, keeping enough gaps, for three times. Step 5: Repeat the same with the left side of your hair. Step 6: Place the maang tikka on the middle partition and let the left and right side of the matha patti unpinned. Step 7: Begin taking the chains out from the inverted hair and lock it at the end. Repeat on either sides. There you go, you’ve got your fancy hairstyle in place! Try these two new quirky ways to dress up your hair this wedding season and look fabulous! MUST-READ: 4 Tricks To Get Your Eye Makeup Perfect – Every Single Time! MUST-READ: How To Fill And Define Your Eyebrows To Look Picture Perfect!
Published on Feb 22, 2016
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