9 Times Us Girls Feel Really Lucky To Be… Girls!!

9 Times Us Girls Feel Really Lucky To Be… Girls!!
We are proud to be women, no doubt. But there are certain times when you feel especially lucky that you’re a woman! Here are a few such times when we can’t stop thanking our stars that we’re women!

1. When you have the perfect words to express how you’re feeling...

There is no struggling most times to find the right words to express what we’re feeling. If we’re feeling something, we usually have the words to say it out loud too!

2. When really tiny things actually make you really happy

Little things like our favourite song playing on the radio in the morning is enough to make our whole day!

lucky to be a woman

3. There are just SO many different styles of clothes to pick and choose from!

Not just a pair of khakis or jeans and a T-shirt or shirt! Skirts, dresses, crop tops, kurtis, suits, pants - the list is neverending!

4. You can legitimately spend an entire day in the parlour, getting yourself pampered - without being made to feel guilty!

Because a spa day is a luxury every woman is entitled to. ;)

lucky to be a woman

5. When you suddenly realise that every woman is so beautiful in her own way…

And you can’t help but feel proud of being a woman! The number of strong, beautiful women who inspire you every day are all around you!

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6. When you can pull off the androgyny trend perfectly...

And no one will question your choice of clothing because you look so good!

lucky to be a woman

7. When you think about if you were ever on a ship and it hit an iceberg...

And you are reassured by all the movies that you have watched - you would probably be one of the first ones to be put on a lifeboat!

8. When you actually have separate cubicles in public bathrooms!

Not having to stand in a urinal and have other people stare at you is quite a relief!

lucky to be a woman

9. When you don’t need to rehearse a pick-up line, over and over, in your head!

Because you don’t really need a pick-up line to start a conversation with a guy you like! A simple “hello” suffices!

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