9 Times It’s *Okay* To Feel A Bit Jealous In Your Relationship

9 Times It’s *Okay* To Feel A Bit Jealous In Your Relationship
No matter how much we may deny it, there are times when we all do feel jealous in our relationships! While sometimes it is unnecessary and may weigh your relationship down, other times, it’s actually okay! Here are 9 times every girl feels jealous in a relationship - and it’s totally okay!

1. When someone gives off flirtatious vibes towards your partner!

She doesn’t really have to be flirting full on with your partner for you to be jealous. Sometimes, just the vibe is enough! Girls do - believe it or not - sense this sort of thing. And more often than not, their inkling isn’t wrong! So really, while it’s okay to be jealous, just remember you have nothing to worry about! There’s a reason the vibe hasn’t turned into a full fledged flirting session - your partner probably isn't interested!

2. When his girl bestie subtly hints that she knows him better than you do!

She may his long time best friend and know him pretty well - but there isn’t a girl who wouldn’t feel a tad bit jealous (and maybe even slightly annoyed) at any other girl who claims to know her man better!

times every girl feels jealous

3. When someone tells you something about your partner… And you had no idea!

You may put on a smile and pretend to know, but inside you’re probably kinda annoyed. And it’s okay! We all have this slight need to know important things about our partner’s life before other people do. You’re not alone!

4. When you’re both doing the same thing… And he is way more successful!

Of course, you’re happy for him, as you should be. But it is only human to feel the slightest bit of envy when someone else achieves what you’ve been working so hard towards too. Even if it is your partner. So don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t think you’re a horrible person. You’re just human!

times every girl feels jealous

5. When he turns for advice to a friend much before he turns to you…

Yes, yes, we all want to be the ones that help our guys - and it doesn’t help when he says “X told me I should do this. I think he/ she is right” after you give him your own little piece of advice.

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6. When he can’t stop talking about how awesome this new girl at work is…

Although he probably doesn’t mean for it to be a comparison, in our heads, it sometimes can be. It’s great to know that he appreciates a talented woman, but don’t praise her more than us! :P

times every girl feels jealous

7. When you find an old letter/ email from his ex or a picture of her lying around his room!

Yes, it’s a blast from the past, but it still manages to make you feel jealous. It’s fine. You love the guy and are not very excited about the fact that he was with someone else before you. It’s okay!

8. When he plans an exciting trip with his friends, without you…

You obviously don’t need to be a part of each other’s every plan - and you understand that. But if he’s planning a trip with his friends to a place that you would’ve liked to go with him too, you’re bound to get a little jealous. No, you’re not being clingy or crazy. So chill!

times every girl feels jealous

9. When he treats work or a hobby like a second relationship!

You love your guy and are used to him giving you a certain amount of time or attention! So when that is divided, you’re bound to feel slightly jealous. Doesn’t matter if it’s his work or his playstation that’s taking up his time. You don’t like competing with anything for his attention - even if it isn’t an actual human!

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