15 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A Catholic Girl From Bombay

15 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A Catholic Girl From Bombay
While Bombay is home to many people from across various cultural backgrounds, the Catholic community is pretty iconic. Catholics from Mumbai are known for their warm nature - which also makes it really easy to identify and spot them in a crowd! If you are a Catholic from Mumbai, or have a friend who lives in this bustling city, here are 15 things you’re bound to relate to!

1. You know someone or have a friend who lives in either Orlem, Borivali I.C. Colony, Mira Road, Vasai or Bandra!

You probably even live in one of these places yourself!

Catholic from Mumbai

2. Every year, you HAVE to spend Easter, Christmas or New Year, in Goa or Mangalore.

You may be born and brought up in Bombay, but your heart still belongs to Goa or Mangalore.

3. You have watched VJ HoeZaay’sShit that Bandra Boys Say” a zillion times!

The best part is that every time you watch it, it keeps getting better! :D

Catholic from Mumbai

4. The first thing you do when you meet another Catholic from Mumbai is ask which parish they belong to!

After that, you ask them, “Do you know so and so from there?” There’s a fat chance that they actually do.

5. You’ve probably studied at one of these colleges - Andrew’s, Xavier's, Wilson's or Sophia.  

You also proudly refer to yourself as an Andrean, Xavierite, Wilsonian or Sophiaite.

Catholic from Mumbai

6. You may not be a big fan of Genelia D’Souza, Remo D’Souza or Freida Pinto, but if anyone says something mean about them, you’re going to teach that bugger a lesson!

They represent the whole Catholic community in Bollywood after all, and that’s something to be proud of!

7. You cringe when you hear people say “Happy Christmas”.

It’s “Merry Christmas”, people!

catholic from mumbai

8. Your hobbies include playing the guitar, singing and football, of course!

You also tried your hand at making Christmas sweets at some point in time.

9. You don’t mind missing the legendary Pakistan vs India cricket match, but you will NOT miss going for mass on Sunday!

Because Sunday mass is more than just an obligation.

Catholic from Mumbai

10. You like to call girls “chicks” and guys “buggers”

“Bugger! That chick from Bandra is so cute, men.”

11. No sentence of yours is complete without using the “F”, “shit”, “balls” and “men” word.

It’s a gift you were born with!

catholic from mumbai

12. The majority of your Catholic friends have surnames like D’Souza, Pinto and Fernandes.

Your last name is probably one of the above too.

13. For you, Mumbai will always be called Bombay.

And for Bandra, Banruh!

catholic from mumbai

14. Chicken curry, fish curry and pork vindaloo are your all time favourite dishes!

Your week is not complete if you haven’t eaten one of these yummy dishes for lunch or dinner at least once.

15. The Bandra Catholic Gymkhana is one of your favourite places to grab beer and rum!

Kingfisher and Old Monk are your signature drinks. Cheers, men!

catholic from mumbai

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