14 Things That Happen When Your Long Distance Boyfriend Visits!

14 Things That Happen When Your Long Distance Boyfriend Visits!
Any couple in an LDR spends most of their life texting, planning their next Skype/ Facetime calls, and pretty much counting days till you can see each other again. Needless to say, when that time finally does come, it’s super special! Here are a few things that happen when your long distance boyfriend comes to visit. Time really does fly, doesn’t it?!

1. You Go Into A Frenzy Just Trying To Get Ready For It

You need to wax, thread, clean your house, buy a few cute outfits to make sure you look great, and maybe even buy him a welcome gift!

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2. “It’s Finally Happening!!!”

You can’t stop thinking about how this is “finally happening!” You have literally dreamt of this moment for the past few weeks - and have been counting not just days but also hours and minutes.

3. “Quick, Pinch Me!”

Now you have to pinch yourself. You can’t believe he’s actually in front of you and not looking at you through your phone or laptop screen! You can’t stop touching each other. Of course, you’re attracted to each other, but it’s also because you can! It’s just so great to actually be able to touch the other person. A luxury most couples take for granted.

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4. You Feel Like A “Real” Couple

Of course you are a real couple even otherwise - but actually being able to forget all about the distance for some time is just so great.

5. You Fall Off The Grid

Your friends and even your family know not to expect you around for the next few days/ weeks. Everyone knows your schedule is all booked up for your significant other!

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6. You Do Everything Together

You can’t help it - when you have such limited time together, you have to be one of those couples who are always together. And, honestly, you love it!

7. You Can’t Keep Your Hands Off Each Other

It’s not just about sex (although, that’s great too!) - it’s more the holding hands and cuddling that you can’t get enough of!

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8. You Spend A Lot Of Time Soaking It All In

You try to make a memory of and cherish each moment that you spend together. It is all that is going to help you get through the next few months without him.

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9. The Looming Truth

You’ll be laughing at something silly and unexpectedly, it will hit you - he’s going to leave again soon! You hate thinking about going back to the long distance life.

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10. The Countdown Begins

Suddenly how many days and hours you have left together is all that you can think of - it’s always at the back of your mind, no matter what you do.

11. The Goodbye Process

This starts a few days before he leaves. You start reassuring each other that it won’t be so hard this time and that you’ll be together again soon!

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12. You Wish You Could Stop Time

The time with him just went by SO fast! You can’t believe you have to say goodbye already!

13. The Goodbye

You hug too tight for too long, almost breathe him in, and promise you’ll visit him soon.

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14. Growing Stronger

You’re back to the routine of texting all the time and Skyping whenever you can. You’ve realized that the distance only helps strengthen your bond - and makes you both swear never to take each other for granted.

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