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15 Things Every Girl Goes Through At Her Bestie’s Wedding!

15 Things Every Girl Goes Through At Her Bestie’s Wedding!
Your bestie is getting married? WOW! We can only imagine the influx of emotions you’re feeling right now. Don’t worry – it’s all totally normal! Here’s a list of things we *all* go through when our friend's wedding is about to happen.

1. There are so many things to do!

OMG, OMG, OMG. I’m officially freaking out!

friend's wedding 1

2. But wait, I have to keep me cool – for her.

*Dying on the inside but discussing her wedding lehenga instead*

3. Hold everything – I have to plan the best bachelorette the Earth ever witnessed!

Wait, should I be calling strippers?!

friend's wedding 3

4. OMG, is she going to get married and not have time for me?

No time for getting senti, there are a thousand things to do.

5. I need to lose weight before the wedding.

It’s a known fact that the bride’s best friend is the most important person at the wedding! *giggle*

friend's wedding 5

6. I have to plan the sangeet and make a list of people who are dancing.

But, most importantly; I’m booking Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan!

7. How will I get so much chutti from work?!

My boss is legit going to kill me.

friend's wedding 7

8. I can’t wait for her big day, I’m soooo excited!

I’m going to cry buckets as she takes those pheras.


9. I don’t care if it’s cheesy, I’m doing a countdown to her big day on social media!

Everyone better be using the hashtag I came up with.

friend's wedding 9

10. I will be by her side through every step.

The candid photographer better get some great shots of us while I’m at it. *wink*

11. I hope she is also as involved when it’s my turn to get married.

She will be experienced and will help me even more than I can help right now!

friend's wedding 11

12. I’m going to miss calling her whenever I feel like.

Ah, screw it! I’m still going to do that.

13. Why does she have to go on a month-long honeymoon?

Aargh! I’m going to miss her so much.

friend's wedding 13

14. I hope her cutie cousin is paired with me in the dances.

I’ll have ‘a word’ with the choreographer in private!

15. I wonder if I’ll be as calm as her when it’s my turn.

Okay, GTG...she’s having a meltdown!

friend's wedding 15

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