5 Awesome Tricks To Look Perfect (And Slim!) In Photos!

5 Awesome Tricks To Look Perfect (And Slim!) In Photos!
Weddings come with their fair share of chaos, and while you might succeed at making sure everything goes to plan, there are somethings that you will most likely miss out on. Your fitness, for example. Between all the planning and shopping, it is easy to forget to focus on yourself. But you still want to look slim in wedding photos, don't you? We’ve gathered 5 sneaky little hacks that can completely transform your look on D-day. Hello, washboard abs!

1. Posing right can trim inches off your arms

Ever heard of the ‘submarine technique’? It’s a great way of trimming every extra inch the camera adds and all you have to do is stand like you’re holding a REALLY big submarine sandwich. Yes, that easy! This video breaks down notions about posing right (the hands-on-hips pose is very, very wrong) and teaches you some very effective ways to look slimmer in photos.
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2. The secret behind that figure is…

...the right kind of undergarments. Undergarments that fit well are key to a sleek silhouette. Make a note of your problem areas and then buy undergarments accordingly. A lacey, barely-there bra might be pretty but it does little in terms of support. If you want to conceal back bulge, pick a bra with a wide back strap. A wide strap will just smooth it out. Hesitant to bare your midriff? Opt for a fitted choli that covers your midriff and pick a shaping brief to keep your belly in place.


3. The easy route to abs

For an absolutely stunning 6-pack, all you need is a blending brush and a makeup palette that has everything - a matte bronzer, highlighter, concealer and blush. Try Makeup Revolution Protection Palette (Rs 1,350). Don’t want to invest in an entire palette? Simply use matte pressed powder in two shades - one that is a shade darker than your skin tone and one that is lighter. Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance SPF15 Matte Pearl Compact (Rs 295), is a great alternative to the makeup palette. This easy video tutorial shows you how!
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4. Mind that posture

Proper posture can make a big difference to how you look, especially in photos! Always keep your shoulders pulled back. Slouching adds almost 2 kilos to your frame! Keeping your back straight also helps with the slimming effect. Stand straight for as long as your heavy jewellery and lehenga allows you to. This ensures that you look taller, giving you a balanced look and the camera will not focus on your midriff.

5. Making collarbones appear!

Don’t expect people to make eye contact while they talk to you after you’ve mastered this technique! This video teaches you a simple way to make your decolletage and cleavage look more defined using just some foundation and two types of brushes - one to create the contour and the other to blend everything in. You can even use a blending sponge. Try Colorbar Blend Away Foundation Sponge Wheel (Rs 325). You will need two types of foundations - one that is two shades darker than your skin tone and one that is two shades lighter. We like Revlon’s Colorstay Makeup Foundation (Rs 836).
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