#MyStory: No One Had Done *That* To Me Before!

#MyStory: No One Had Done *That* To Me Before!
My friend Megha was hosting a small get-together at her place. I got off work early and so I was the first one to reach there. I was just looking forward to a fun Friday evening with some old friends...and making some new ones!

Around 8 p.m., Megha’s boyfriend came with a friend of his, a Spanish artist. A rather good looking Spanish artist, I must say. We were introduced, but then I got busy with other people at the party. More friends of ours arrived and we had a fun party that lasted beyond midnight.

Since I lived far from Megha’s place, she told me to stay back at her place. In the end, it was just four of us left – Megha, her boyfriend, his Spanish friend and me. We all were little drunk and were just talking about random stuff while there was a football match playing on the TV.

After a while, Megha and her boyfriend started getting quite frisky… Before it could get awkward, I just teasingly said, “Guys, get a room!” Little did I know they would take my advice literally! They actually got up and went to her room. “Nice, now I am left with this stranger and awkward silence,” I thought.

However, the guy started talking and soon we were busy chatting. He told me that he was travelling through Asia for his next project; he wanted to capture different festivals in his paintings. He was leaving the city the day after. We were actually having a nice conversation - the fact that we had met just that evening didn’t matter. He had a great sense of humour and a rather cute accent.

I started suggesting different places to visit while he was in India. Being the talkative person that I am, I kept talking... So I was totally caught unawares when he kissed me. It took a second for me to realise what was happening, and when I did I just started kissing him back.

The fact that we were in my friend’s living room and she could just come by didn’t register in my mind - I was so lost in the moment. Slowly he started kissing my neck and his hands started moving towards my waist. Things were moving fast, and I was kind of liking where it was going. He was very gentle and smelled like heaven. We slowly slid down the sofa to the floor; he pulled the rug from the sofa and laid it on the floor while I pulled the blanket down to cover ourselves.

a night to remember

As I lay on the rug, he slowly moved lower down my body. It was the first time a guy was going down on me, so I got a little nervous and my body stiffened a bit. He sensed it and stroked my thighs to make me feel at ease... And it worked! All my inhibitions were gone. He definitely knew what he was doing, and I had the most amazing time.

I don’t know what time we fell asleep; I woke up around 4 in the morning. He was sleeping next to me on the rug. I suddenly felt very nervous. I had never had a one night stand and had no idea how to react if he woke up. So I just tiptoed to the loo, put my clothes on and left the place before anyone would wake up.

A couple of days later, he sent me a friend request on Facebook and I accepted it. Last time I checked, he was in Burma. We chat often, but none of us have mentioned that night again.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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