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#HeSays: 7 Things That Can Make Even Guys Moan In Bed!

#HeSays: 7 Things That Can Make Even Guys Moan In Bed!

Yes, us guys can be pretty quiet in bed sometimes. But there are some things that even we can't resist articulating our pleasure about… Silence is just not an option!

1. Being gone down on!

Ladies, we cannot praise your skills enough in this area, neither can we thank you enough! When you do that to us, all we can do is just lay back and make helpless sounds of pleasure.

2. A little dirty talk…

When we're getting down and dirty, and you tell us how you're feeling or what else you'd like to do - it's the best! 2 how to make a guy moan

3. Girl on top!

Just think about it. It's the best view in the world when we look up and can see your expression - and your amazing boobs are within reach!

4. And guy at the back… :P

Us guys tend to love your butt as much as we love your boobs. Plus, reaching around for you from the back is an altogether different level of sexy! 4 how to make a guy moan

5. That element of surprise…

When you do something totally unexpected and make our excitement levels simply sky-rocket… Mmm!

6. Being nibbled (not just there)

Yes, we've sung praises of oral sex already, but your mouth, teeth and tongue on other parts of us is pretty amazing too. Some of us have sensitive ears, some of us like some attention paid to our neck or nipples - you get the picture. :P 6 how to make a guy moan

7. You touching yourself!

There's just something incredibly erotic about a girl taking pleasure in her own touch. Trust us on this.
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Published on Feb 29, 2016
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