Just Married? 5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Husband!

Just Married? 5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Husband!
You just got married and are enjoying that dreamy honeymoon phase where you’re still getting to know each other. Each day unfolds new surprises, love and romance. Gifts speak louder than words.Take a look at these sweet Valentine Day gifts for husband.

1. Sounds of love

valentine gifts1

Every couple has a song which is ‘their’ song and they can’t help but smile each time when it plays. Save his favourite songs and a few romantic numbers to which you both can dance to on the latest iPod Shuffle.

Price: Rs 4,300. Buy it here.  

2. Puppy love

valentine gifts22

Planning a family might come later but why not add a member to your family with the cutest puppy ever! Men are crazy about dogs and if your husband is one of them, he would jump with excitement after seeing his new furry little friend.

Adopt or get a pet here.

3. Time for some sizzle

valentine gifts3

Literally! Grilled chicken, seekh kebabs and a few cold beers with his boys. Help your man have his own piece of heaven with this open barbeque grill. Here’s to good times!

Price: Rs 3,167. Buy it here.


4. Play. Stop. Rewind.

valentine gifts4

Relive your favourite memories with this chic digital photo frame. With built-in memory, an SD card reader and an auto slideshow feature, this is the perfect gift for his bedside table.

Price: Rs 3,990. Buy it here.

5. The perfect pair

valentines gifts5

They say that a man’s character and worth can be judged by his shoes. Maybe that’s why men love splurging on them. Gift him that perfect pair of shoes that spell taste, class and, of course, love ;)

Price: Rs 5,499. Buy it here.
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