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10 Secrets About My Bestie That I'll Take With Me To The Grave!

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

Over a period of time, we collect a lot of information about our best friends - and some of it happens to be quite sensitive and not meant for anyone else! Here are some such secrets about my bestie that I'll take with me to the grave!

1. The crush that she’s embarrassed about

We all have that one really embarrassing crush that we wish we never had! She knows mine and I know hers - and that's how it's going to remain for the rest of our lives!

2. Her embarrassing email ID from 7th grade

Superteen13 does not need to be brought to light...EVER again.

3. What her parents like to call her at home

Monu, Tinky, Puchoo… I can tease her endlessly, of course, but never in front of any other person!

best friends secrets

4. Her hiding place

Every girl has a tiny secret place in her room where she keeps the things she wants no one else to find! Except her bestie, because she knows exactly what’s hiding there!

5. The things she's insecure about

She might think that her nose is a bit crooked or that her eyes are too big! But anything she feels insecure about remains just between us.


6. What her family problems are

We all have some skeletons in our closet. And I'm there for my bestie whenever she needs to talk about hers. She knows very well that I would never repeat a word of it.

best friends secrets

7. Things she's oddly obsessive about

My best friend is amazing, but she has her quirks too. She can be obsessive about the oddest of things - and obviously wouldn’t want anyone except me to know exactly how crazy she is. And they won't!

8. Her guilty pleasures

I know exactly which musician she likes to karaoke to in the shower! But while I make fun of her taste in music sometimes, I also wouldn't ever spill the name to anyone else!

9. What she thinks about her frenemies

She might be friends with someone but still not like them too much. She might even be super fake to someone else, but she knows her real feelings are safe with me!

best friends secrets

10. Other people's secrets that she's not supposed to tell you...

When you tell a girl a secret and swear her to secrecy, it doesn't include her bestie! That's a universal rule. So all the secrets that I am not supposed to know but I do know? They will remain secret forever!

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Published on Feb 17, 2016
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