7 Amazing Locations For A Stunning Pre-Wedding Shoot!

7 Amazing Locations For A Stunning Pre-Wedding Shoot!
Pre-wedding shoots are now major and while we’ve seen tonnes of romantic pictures in parks or cosy interiors of an upscale restaurant, there’s something about city outdoors that we just love. So why not shoot in the city you both fell in love with each other or a popular spot that you can’t get enough of? So go out and explore, cause’ these pictures are going to last you a lifetime! Here are 7 amazing pre-wedding shoot locations we are currently loving!

1. Go old school with an old building

Every city has that one old, stately building that has an enchanting and vintage ambience. Trust us, this is one spot that’s sure to get you extremely pretty pictures. A vintage Indian outfit will look fab against a backdrop like that!

2. A traffic signal or a road divider!


Yeah, we’re not kidding! Doesn’t this pic look amazing? We love the effects of the street lights, the busy backdrop and how the couple just seem to take no notice of any of this and are engrossed in each other. A road you’ve two often travelled together - that should be it!

3. Sarson ke khet mein!

Get back to where you belong! Dress up just like the locals and, for our sake, get at least one Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge shot! It’s gonna be so awesome!

4. Go underwater

Are you two beach bums or water babies? Do you, without fail, hit the pool every summer? Go ahead and book the club you’ve been swimming at for the best ever underwater shoot! A picture like that will hit 1000 likes on your Insta accounts, we swear!


5. India Gate pe sawaari!

Show some love to the city you both grew up in or now live in. It could be India Gate, The Gateway of India or any other popular monument in your city. Get a driving shot just like this one or you can totally go Bollywood with hand in hand, your dupatta flying and the setting sun in the backdrop!

6. Temple love!

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Are you the shy bride or he the religious dulha? A temple then is a great idea to bring out your personalities in the pre-wedding shoot. Plus, you even get to seek the almighty’s blessings before you start your journey as husband and wife. PS: This shoot at the Khajuraho temples totally had us staring for hours.

7. Hijack that graffiti wall

For the crazy, fun, spirited couple who love colours, there isn’t a better deal than a graffiti wall. If there isn’t one in your city already, why not get your friends to do up an old wall next to your home? Put on a cute, colourful outfit and get on with the poses already!

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