10 Reasons I’m Secretly Happy To Be Single!

10 Reasons I’m Secretly Happy To Be Single!
“What! You’re single?!” - a question which is not at all new for all of us single ladies on this planet. Often this question comes as a shock accompanied by few brief few minutes of unnecessary sympathy OR consolation teamed with encouragement and motivation: “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll find someone.” Erm, thanks, but no thanks? Truth is, we’re happy being single and here are all the reasons why...

1. You appreciate yourself more

Self love is really the best kind of love. If you are not your own person first, you can never be someone else’s person. Being by yourself gives you time to know yourself. You might as well grab this opportunity while you’re still single.

being single

2. You don’t have to worry about a...him

You’ve seen it, you’ve been through it...relationships take effort and patience. You’re worried about his knee he injured 6 months back, his room, job, cat, dog...you have to laugh at jokes you don’t understand! While that is completely sweet and justifiable when you’re in love, not having to constantly think about or of someone is kinda liberating!

3. You can take all the time in the world to get ready without someone sending you a thousand texts

Because you did not spend half of your salary on that expensive two toned structured peplum dress to hurry up for someone who doesn’t even know what a peplum is. You need 45 minutes to process how gorgeous it looks on you and justify being broke because of it. :P

being single

4. The only opinion that counts is yours - huzzah!

Wanna colour your hair crazy? You do it. Night out with your friends? On it! Don’t know where your phone is? No problem! There is no two-way process and a thousand arguments when you wanna do something totally fun and absurd. Your opinion is the only thing that counts and you don’t have to constantly worry about what “he” might think.

5. Parties and social gatherings? Play time!

Contrary to what the “world of couples” believe, being single at a gathering is the best thing ever! All you have to do is wear your invisible cuteness scanning goggles and it’s game on! Target(s) acquired. A little flirting never hurt nobody...except if you already have a boyfriend. Ouch!

being single

6. You can date whoever you want, anytime you want

Go for dates or not, there is simply no harm in meeting new people. The only way to find that one person is by meeting a lot of others who aren’t him. So until then, romance away!


7. You don’t ever have to worry about presents

You don’t have to deal with the dilemma of buying him something - a tie, shoes, movies...that stuff is expensive! But that new BB cream you’ve been eyeing is not! Hello, temporary flawless skin!

being single

8. You don’t have to worry about things like “hair”

Although you like taking care of yourself and maintaining your body, you don’t have to worry about it ALL the time. Haven’t shaved? Isn’t that what pants for anyway?

9. You don’t have to act like you like his friends...or his sister

You know this to be true! How after a nice glass of wine, you innocently make a totally inappropriate comment and his sister gives you the stink-eye? You feel like hiding in that bottle of wine and staying there forever. Not when you’re single! If you do that when you are single, everyone will love you for you become that life of the party!

being single

10. You can create the woman you want to become

You become independent in every sense of the word.You figure out who you are, what you want and where you want to go. Nothing holds you back. You can work late hours and party till morning - without having to call someone and provide explanations! You can be ambitious and change jobs and cities. You are your priority and you take full responsibility to take yourself where you want to go!

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