15 Things You’ll Get If Your Best Friend Is Also Your Boyfriend

15 Things You’ll Get If Your Best Friend Is Also Your Boyfriend
Being best friends with your boyfriend is the best kind of relationship. You know, pyaar dosti hai and all that. There are some awesome things about your BF being your BFF. Here are a few things you’ll totally get if you’re dating your best friend.

1. You’re Really, Really Comfortable Around Each Other

No awkward conversations or moments in this relationship. You can basically say or do anything you want around each other.

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2. You Often Know What The Other Is Thinking Without Them Saying It

And you can even finish each other’s sentences. It’s scary sometimes!

3. You Feel Like You Don’t Need Anybody Else

All you need is each other – sex, love, friendship. The two of you have it all!

dating your best friend  3

4. Which Also Makes You Pretty Antisocial Sometimes

Why go out when you can stay in and chill with your significant other/ best friend?!

5. You Can’t Stay Mad At Each Other For Long

You miss talking to each other too much!

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6. You Don’t Care How You Look Around Him

Sweatpants, unwashed hair, pimple cream, nerdy glasses – you don’t pay too much attention to how you look around him, you know he loves you anyway and you don’t need to impress him.

7. You’re The Couple Everyone Else Wants To Be Like

You don’t even realize that the two of you are setting major #RelationshipGoals for the rest of your friends.

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8. You’re Not Afraid Of Making Fun Of Each Other

You laugh at each other almost as much as you laugh together.


9. You Have The Same Fav TV Shows That You Just Can’t Watch Without The Other

Watching them alone is just not the same.

gif dating your best friend  9

10. You Know Each Other’s Imperfections

And love each other even more for them.

11.  Your Parents Thought You Were Dating Him Even Before You Actually Were

So at least telling them won’t be much of a surprise!!

gif dating your best friend  11

12. You Know Each Other Inside Out

From your fav food and movies to your dating history and what makes you tick. You have the most transparent relationship ever.

13.  You Can’t Lie To Each Other ‘Coz You Know Each Other So Well

Which means you can completely trust the other, so you don’t have to deal with jealousy or insecurities too much.

gif dating your best friend  13

14. Your Relationship Isn’t Just About a Few Shared Interests

The two of you have LOADS of common interests. And you’re perfectly content chilling in a room together in silence, watching TV or sitting on your respective laptops.

15.  You Know How Lucky You Are To Have Each Other

A connection like yours isn’t easy to find - it’s amazing to be dating someone you can laugh with, discuss everything imaginable with and someone know will be there for you no matter what. Dating your best friend is like hitting the relationship jackpot!

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