Married To A Marwari? 9 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!

Married To A Marwari? 9 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!
It’s not just about the ker sangri or teej hullabaloo. When you marry a Marwari, you’ll encounter a whole new world. It’s filled with colour, massive celebrations, an endless family tree, and loads and loads of sweets. These 10 things are definitely going down at your Marwari wedding!

1. You’ll be sober throughout!

There is not going to be any alcohol at the wedding - warn your friends pehle se! But what the Marus lack in intoxication, they make up in sheer energy.

2. Chicken ka kuch hai kya?

...Is not something that you’ll hear at a Marwari wedding. But you can sample any number of yummy dal bati, churma, gud, pooris, chaat, mithai, sherbet and what not!

3. Sangeet is taken extremely seriously!

Every, and we mean every, family member is going to perform at the sangeet. You have not seen a sangeet performance till you have been to a Marwari sangeet - the performances have a storyline, with a backstory, appearances by the bride and groom at strategic places and just about the most vigorous dancing outside of Bollywood!

marwari weddings 2

4. Myra can go totally out of hand!

This is when the mother of the bride or groom formally invites her family to the wedding. And they arrive with a lot of fanfare and, yes, lots and lots of gifts!


5. Varmala ‘innovations’

We think pretty much all wedding trends are set by the Marwaris. Bride and groom exchanging varmalas on a revolving stage - the Marus did it first! The backdrop sliding back to reveal the bride? First happened at a Marwari wedding! We swear one of the reasons to attend all the Marwari weddings we get invited to is to check out what’s the latest this year!

6. 100 Dishes? 100 Dishes!

Yes, that’s how many dishes the bride and groom have to sample after the wedding. AND the bride has to feed every member of the groom’s family with her own hands!

marwari weddings 3

7. Endless donas of mithai

...Will be passed around at your wedding! The Marwaris firmly believe that a sugar overload is extremely necessary at a wedding.

8. Leheriya, bandhini, gota

...Are going to be abundant at the wedding, whether it be pagdis, sarees, lehengas or decor. The Marwaris carry of even the wildest colour combos with an ease that we can only envy!

9. The rishta network kicks in

If you have cousins or friends of marriageable age, they might become the subject of  well-meaning rishta fixing by the many, many aunts you are now related to.

marwari weddings 4

Images: Tumblr, Giphy

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