11 Things No One Tells You About The First Year Of Marriage

11 Things No One Tells You About The First Year Of Marriage
The wedding is over and now you begin a whole new chapter in life. It’s a super exciting time and you should fully enjoy it! There are many ways in which your life will change - big and small. These are the things no one tells you about the first year of marriage.

1. The honeymoon doesn’t end

The first year is super romantic. The entire first year of marriage feels like the honeymoon!

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2. Living together is a whole new adventure

Even if you’ve dated for years, finding a balance that works for both of you takes some work. But once it’s working, it’s beautiful.

3. The scales will not be in your favour

You’re going to gain weight, however much you try. There are just so many invitations and you won’t be able to refuse any :(

4. You will discover cute new things about each other

Like how addicted he is to Body Shop’s strawberry body lotion, or that he likes to dance when no one is watching!

first year of marriage 2

5. You might become housework obsessed

Now that you guys are setting up a house of your own, a lot of your conversation will revolve around it. It’s still fun - you’re playing house!

6. Lots of parties!

You’ll get invites from all the relatives, and it’ll take a year before you’re done.


7. You don’t look like a bride!

...Is what people say. They’ll expect you to look suitably decked up. Par kaise karein?

first year of marriage 4

8. He’s got your back!

For everything - finances, work problems, tech issues. This ‘sounding board’ business is fantastic, we tell you!

9. You have two families now

Kurta shopping for mom? You’ll find yourself looking for two of everything.

10. You no longer want to work late

...Because he’s waiting for you at home and you can’t wait to be with him!

first year of marriage 3

11. Sharing is caring?!

Not when it comes to shower privileges in the morning!  

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