10 Things EVERY West Delhi Girl Will Get!

10 Things EVERY West Delhi Girl Will Get!
We are toh like this only. Sorry, not sorry! 

1. We Get A Bit Lost In Translation Sometimes. But It’s Cute, OK!

What Kale chips are you talking about? Has Kale Da Burger started serving chips now? Wooooaaw! Must head to Subhash Nagar this instant.

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2. Tilak Nagar Ki Mehendi

Its ridiculous how much the Defence Colony mehendi guys charge. Rs 500 a hand? No way! For any wedding function, we head to Tilak Nagar to our fav mehendi wale bhaiya. Rs 100 per haath. Ka-ching!

3. There’s A Gym At Every Corner…

...every block and on every street. And it’s perfectly normal. You know, because West Delhi boys can’t flaunt them waxed chests in deeeeep V-neck t-shirts unless they pump iron at the gym every day. ;-)

girls from west delhi

4. It’s NOT Called A Salon…

It’s a parlour! That’s what we call those tiny, crammed little places that offer waxing, threading and facials at unbelievably cheap rates. Only big scale chains are called salons here. Please get your lingo right!

5.  Bitto Tikki Wala Has The Best Chaat. Period.

Yes, when we have chat cravings, we don’t go looking for a chaat vendor on the streets. We go to Bittoo Tikki Wala - the West Delhi thela wala who became rich selling chaat. Bet you didn’t know the history! ;)

girls from west delhi

6. Rajouri Is Top Of Our Shopping List

Yes, contrary to popular belief, Sarojini is not our top choice when it comes to shopping. We get almost the same things at Rajouri Garden, it’s closer so it’s more convenient and we meet 50 other people we know who’re shopping there. Win-win!

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7. District Centre Is So Passe

Pacific Mall is the new place to be seen at. Because while District Centre has Archies, Pacific Mall has Forever 21, Charles & Keith and a host of other cooler brands. :P

girls from west delhi

8. We Are Friendly. VERY Friendly!

Sometimes Honey ki masi ka beta might walk into the house with a plateful of food. But nothing to be alarmed about. Whenever Honey ki masi makes something special, she’s big-hearted enough to send a generous plate home. Tradition has it, the plate can’t go back empty. So, next time you make something delish, it is imperative to send a plate full of food back.

9. No. Rohini Is NOT In West Delhi...

And neither is Anand Vihar or Laxmi Nagar or Karol Bagh or even Karkardooma or other random places you can think of. Just because you \can’t get by without Google Maps, don’t club every place that’s NOT in South Delhi into West Delhi.

girls from west delhi

10. And No. We Don’t Eat, Sleep And Drink In Suits!

Sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t wear suits with jootis and carry our make-up in jholas. At least, not all the time. We wear NORMAL CLOTHES for normal occasions and live a normal life like everybody else. Get it? Good.

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