#BeautyDiaries: I Washed My Hair With Beer... And THIS Happened | POPxo

#BeautyDiaries: I Washed My Hair With Beer... And THIS Happened

#BeautyDiaries: I Washed My Hair With Beer... And THIS Happened
I have long, slightly wavy hair. For the longest time, the only hair care regime I’d followed is oiling it once a month and the usual shampoo-conditioner routine. But ever since I shifted to Delhi, I have noticed a change in the quality of my hair. Must be the change in climate, water or the air... Net result: my hair lost its natural shine and became slightly frizzy and weak. After spending a lot of time on the Internet looking for quick easy ways to make hair shinier and softer, I decided to wash my hair with beer...since all the search results somehow lead to it.

This is how you do it. According to the good people giving out tutorials on the Internet, you should always wash your hair with flat beer. So you need to pour the beer into a mug and let it sit out for sometime. Once you have washed your hair with shampoo, pour the beer on your head and let it sit for a good five to seven minutes. Rinse lightly with lukewarm water, but not fully because you don’t want to wash the beer off completely.


So here’s the thing about washing your hair with beer. 1) The umpteen number of articles on the web revolving around beer being good for your hair is true. My hair became shinier and visibly straighter. I could easily run my fingers through my hair and it seemed like every strand of hair had become softer. 2) The results are kind of short-lived and it is not something you can do on a regular basis. While the immediate effect of washing your hair with beer is amazing, the effect fades out when you wash your hair a couple of times. I would suggest doing it about twice a month.

washing hair with beer

I was worried that washing my hair with beer would leave me smelling unpleasant all day long but to my surprise, the smell wasn’t that overwhelming and it could be easily subdued with a hair serum or a spray.

It felt great to have softer luscious locks after a very long time. You should totally give it a try once!

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