#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Do That DON'T Mean "I Don't Love You!”

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Do That DON'T Mean "I Don't Love You!”
Many of us are guilty of doing a few of these things… But we just wish you would know that while you might not be thrilled about them, we don't do them with the intention of hurting you. And they definitely don't mean that we love you any less!

1. Even if we tell a little white lie

Don't be too harsh on us when we tell a harmless lie and you catch us out. We don't lie to you about the big stuff, but the occasional white lie we tell really doesn't mean that we are deliberately trying to keep you in the dark about something important. Sometimes, it's actually just because we get confused or worried that you might get mad or are just waiting for the appropriate time to tell you.

2. Even if we fight with you

We know that the fights annoy you. Hell, they annoy us too. But we only fight because we love you so much and we genuinely care about you. Sure, we wish we could do without them, but more often than not the fights only make our relationship stronger - and we think it's worth it.  

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3. Even if we plan a trip without you

We love getting out of town with you. Trust us, those vacations are seriously the best. And while we wish we could drag you away with us every time, sometimes it just isn't possible. Either because of your schedule or because of our commitments to our friends. Doesn't mean we've stopped loving you - we'll probably end up missing you the whole time!


4. Even if we don't want to have sex

We love sex, we really do. But that's not all we want to do when we get some alone time with you. Occasionally we might want to just relax and talk… Yes, we're totally capable of appreciating those simple moments spent with you. It doesn't mean we don't want to have sex with you ever. That's just not a real thing.

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5. Even if we text other girls

Our friends are just that - friends. Just because some of them are girls doesn't change the way we feel about them. Our texts to them won't be very much different from the ones we send to our guys, though they'll definitely be more, uh, “decent”. Just because we're texting a girl, it doesn't mean we love you any less - just like we know that whenever you're texting a guy, you don't love us any less. Two-way street.

6. Even if we don't text you back immediately

We want to and we do wish we could. But many times during the day, we just don't get a chance to. When we do text you back, we don't want to send you a single word response and then disappear again, right? So we just wait until we're free to have a proper conversation. We're sure you face the same dilemma when you're busy too.

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7. Even if we don't say it every day

Some of us are just a bit shy, and sometimes slightly insecure about saying it too much. So while we might not tell you with words that we love you every day, we do try and show it with our actions. And if you had to choose, isn't that a better way to express our love anyway?

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