20 Little Signs Your Relationship Is Becoming Serious!

20 Little Signs Your Relationship Is Becoming Serious!
There’s nothing like the magic of a new relationship. You’re getting to know each other, having loads of fun and falling in love. Eventually, that shift of being casual and easy-going into something more serious happens. How do you know if you and your bae have reached that stage? Here are a few signs to know if your relationship has become serious and to put those “Where is this going?’ questions to rest.

1.  You Don’t Really “Make A Date” Any More

Because you both already know you’re going to be spending most of your time together, even if it is just chilling on the couch; you don’t need to plan dates days in advance.

2. You Have Cute/ Sappy Pet Names For Each Other

Poopy, jaanu, snuggle bunny – whatever floats your boat!

3. You’re Friends With Each Other’s Friends

You’ve spent loads of time with the other’s friends and are an integral part of each other’s world.

signs a relationship is serious

4.  You Don’t Have To Care About How You Look

You’re way past that stage. You know he thinks you’re beautiful even when your hair is a bird’s nest and you’re wearing your oldest PJs.

5.  You Know Each Other’s Likes And Quirks

You know which side of the bed he likes and he knows how you hate mushrooms on your pizza.

6. Those Little Gestures

Buying you chocolate to help you feel better when you get your period to planning a special birthday dinner. You only do those little but meaningful things when you actually care about someone.

signs a relationship is serious

7. You Leave Your Things With Each Other

He gave you his favourite t-shirt because you like sleeping in it and you have an extra hairbrush in his car.

8. People Always Expect You To Be Together

You’re always invited for social events as a couple and are always asked where he is if you show up alone. Even your friends think of you as a serious couple now.

9. You’re Ready To Meet Each Other’s Families

And you’re nervous and excited about it.

signs a relationship is serious

10. Bathroom Stuff Isn’t As Embarrassing As Before

You can talk about poop with him without feeling as weird as before. In fact, you’ve even done a number 2 in his house.

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11. You’ve Said The L-Word.

Or are about to!

12. You Don’t Always Have To Have Sex

You’re perfectly content just cuddling and spooning at times too. It feels so nice, right?

signs a relationship is serious

13. You’re A Couple On Social Media Too

Everyone on your Snapchat and Facebook friends’ list knows you two are dating. It ain’t official till it’s Facebook official!

14. You’ve Gotten Through Big Fights

Fighting can make a relationship stronger and if you’ve gotten through a major tiff without breaking up then you know you’re both in it for the long haul.

15. You Know Embarrassing Things About The Other

He knows how you were madly in love with your married physics professor for the longest time. There’s no judging in this awesome relationship.

signs a relationship is serious

16. You Have Your Own Private World

Being intimate, sharing inside jokes, watching your favourite shows together – you have a few things that only the two of you share.

17. You’re Way Past Those Silly Games

You’re direct and honest with each other and don’t bother with pointless mind games like wondering if he’ll call or should you call him. You both call and text each other without worrying about petty things like this.

18. You Talk About Your Future

He doesn’t shy away from discussing your future (it doesn’t have to be marriage), which definitely shows that it’s not just a casual thing for him.

signs a relationship is serious

19. Your Besties Approve Of Him

Even if your inside jokes with him drive them crazy, they like him because of how happy you are. It’s so great when all your favourite people get along.

20. Being With Each other Is Like Coming Home

It’s safe, comfortable and secure. You feel better around each other and you wouldn’t want to spend that time with anyone else.

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