9 Reasons Why We LOVE A Punjabi Wedding!

9 Reasons Why We LOVE A Punjabi Wedding!
Saade naal rahoge te aish karoge! And we TOTALLY agree! Punjabis are the funnest people to hang with, and if you happen to be a part of their big, fat weddings, then toh hor wadiya! Punjabi weddings are the ultimate! Here’s are 9 reasons why we LOVE an all out Fun-jabi wedding.

1.  Meeting the biggest parivaar and the ‘Canadewale yaar!

We love the endless jhappi te pappis from the big, fat Punjabi family. And there will always be someone from ‘Canade’ in the crowd!


2. Chicken-shikan and paranthas with butter

Punjabi households have THE yummiest food everrr! And lots of it. Expect to be stuffed! Butter chicken, aloo ke paranthe, rajma chawal and gur. It’s gonna be yum!

3. Rum, rum, rum, o whiskey!

Yo! We drink. And drink like a tank! Attending a Punjabi vyah? Be prepared to be wasted, ’cuz if you no drink, then we no like! After all, Punjabis invented the car-o-bar.

4. Ahun, ahun, ahun!

Punjabi weddings are all about lagatar dance. And it begins right from the day the wedding date is fixed! From our beeji to chachi to the cousins we’re meeting for the first time, we ALL dance like it’s the last time. Yo, yo Honey Singh!

punjabi wedding4

5. Punjabi vyah = LOUD

Yeah! They are loud in every possible way. From the music to clothes to decor to arrangements to even their own decibels. So shed the inhibitions and let’s get loud!


6. Barish hone wali hai? Sanu ki?!

So basically Punjabis don’t take tension. So, if it rains, or the baraat is late or even if someone breaks a leg while dancing, the wedding fun goes on!

7. Bling is in the blood!

Expect all the latest fashion at a Punjabi wedding. We have the most blinged out outfits, the LOUDEST makeup and the prettiest jewellery! Punjabis will always rule wedding fashion!

punjabi wedding7

8. Baat, baat pe gift!

Every function, every ceremony and every small khushi is celebrated with gifts! You’ll always come back home with a mathi and gur ka dabba and more gifts!

9. Ooh, it’s grand!

And a crazy 7 day long affair! It’s just like you see in the movies! Buraah!

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