23 Things Every 23 Year Old Girl Should Know!

23 Things Every 23 Year Old Girl Should Know!
We’ve fallen in love and we’ve struggled through heartbreaks. We’ve made it through sleepless nights in college, and now we’re dealing quite alright with expenses, expectations and our newfound independence too. Between all this, we’ve stumbled into a new year - and so we thought we’d remind of you these things!

1. You don’t need to be working on your dream job right now. But you will get there!

2. You may not have found Mr Perfect either, but that doesn’t mean you stop looking for him, ‘coz all the failed relationships are only bringing you closer to the perfect one.

3. It may feel lonely at times, with your friends being busy with their own lives and your relationship not going as smoothly as you imagined it would, but it’s all just a phase that’ll pass soon.

4. Take chances. Do what you feel like. Try. Fail. Learn! ‘Coz you still have so much time ahead of you!

5. Being insecure is good. It means you are not in your comfort zone, which just means you’re pushing yourself to do better.

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6. It’s not your job to live someone else’s dream.

7. But it’s your first duty to yourself to keep yourself happy.

8. Say YES! Discover new food, new places, new people... Never stop being curious.

9. And know that NO is an equally important word too. For you don’t need to do anything that you feel goes against your values.

10. You’re far more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.

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11. You will have to ask for what you want - nobody can read your mind.

12. You body is not sixteen anymore. Eat better and exercise, even if you’ve never needed to before.

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13. Losing friends is normal at this age in life. You are not alone in this.

14. The 23-year-old you is not the final you. You have changed quite a lot over the years, and you are still gonna change some more.

15. You can get EVERYTHING you want. Have faith in yourself, and never give up.

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16. Go out, talk to more people, people who are not your age, people who do not have the same background as you. You will be surprised by things that you learn from them.

17. You totally deserve that break! Go out on those crazy trips that you’re gonna look back on and laugh at.

18. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the most “sorted” ones. You aren’t the first to f*** up, you won’t be the last.

19.Travel, travel and travel some more. There is just no better way to explore the world and grow.

20. Everything’s more messed up than sorted, and that’s okay. Life would be pretty mundane and boring otherwise.

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21. Being lazy never took anyone anywhere.

22. You will have to leave a few people behind, it does not make you a bad person.

23. You have survived life pretty well, just stay hopeful and believe this year will be magical for you.

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