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5 Things I Plan To Do This Year To Be Happy!

5 Things I Plan To Do This Year To Be Happy!

2015 was a celebration of new beginnings - and what a fabulous year 2015 has been for POPxo. We opened our first ever office in Delhi, grew to a team of over 35, raised $2 million in funding, launched POPxo Hindi, POPxo Wedding, POPxo Video and launched our app, grew readership to over 2.5 million every month, added over 1 million Facebook fans and over 100,000 Instagram followers. We grew the POPxo Blog Network and launched POPxo Campus Ambassadors and the commercial team had a stellar year. Most importantly, POPxo the brand is something that's loved by millions of women - we really could really not have asked for more! 2016 is full of promise. We have even bigger plans and ambitions and are raring to go. It got me thinking about why do we do what we do. Being an entrepreneur is one of the riskiest - and by the same token, most fulfilling - decisions one can make. And I’m glad I chose the challenge. Instead of new year resolutions, I asked myself - what can I do to make myself happy this year? how to be happy in the new year

1. Connect

It’s a blessing when you love what you do. But it’s a problem when work becomes all-consuming. This year, I would love to take more time out for friends and family. Keep in touch with loved ones, stay present in their lives.

2. Cook

Some of my most vivid memories as a child are around my mom’s cooking. I would love for my kids to feel the same. While we are lucky to have help at home, I plan to take a more hands-on approach to cooking for the family.

3. Chill

Type A personalities are the hardest on themselves. From working to working out to dieting - everything is all cylinders go. In 2016, I am going to be gentle with myself. It’s great to have goals, but it’s also important to let things be - to reach for that piece of cake without guilt!

4. Meditate

Meditation is one of those things that you know is great to do - but you never get around to doing it!! Without cancelling out the previous point, I would love to make mindfulness a gentle practice I do every day.

5. Practice Consistency

This is my most important commitment to myself. I thrive on setting impossible goals and then getting to them with single-minded focus. The flipside is that such pace is not sustainable - there is an inevitable crash and burn! This year, consistency is my mantra. And, of course - drink more water, wear sunscreen every day, exercise regularly, cut out added sugar!! This is my plan for the year - what’s yours? new_in_story_banner_500px

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Published on Jan 5, 2016
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