Dear Boyfriend, A Few Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With! *Hint*

Dear Boyfriend, A Few Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With! *Hint*
Dear Boyfriend,

You know I love and cherish anything and everything you have ever given me till today. You always make an extra effort to bring a smile to my face, and it always works too! But in case you’re ever stuck thinking about what to get me - whether for a special occasion, or because you just want to - here are a few things you can’t go wrong with!

Love always,

1. A Relaxing Spa Day

Book me an appointment at the spa and take me there for a super relaxing day! There is no girl who wouldn’t absolutely adore a guy who thinks about her relaxation and actually does something about it!

2. A Chunky Bracelet!

A bracelet never fails to lift up even a plain boring outfit. You can never go wrong with gifting a girl a pretty chunky bracelet that she can wear with just about anything!

gifts from boyfriend

POPxo Loves: Metallic Lock Up Bracelet  (Rs. 399)

3. A Weekend Getaway!

To a place close by that we’ve been talking about but haven’t got the chance to explore yet. What could be better than spending the weekend with each other in a beautiful place? Not only would we enjoy the weekend, but we’ll also have fun memories to look back on!

4. A Classy Pair Of Gold Stilettos  

A classy and subtle pair of gold shoes always look great and come in handy. Close enough to a nude to go with most things, yet they’ve got that additional sparkle! Whether it's with Indian outfits or Western, golden stilettos will always be a girl’s best friend!

gifts from boyfriend

POPxo Loves: Dorothy Perkins Golden Stilettos (Rs. 1,556)

5. Plain Old Flowers!

Yes this may sound like a cliche, but one can never go wrong with flowers! They’re an instant mood lifter and will always be the perfect gift, especially from you!


6. A Pair Of Pretty Earrings

A girl can never have too many pretty earrings! Whether she has a huge collection already or doesn’t buy too many earrings, she will always be pleased to receive them as a gift!

gifts from boyfriend earrings

POPxo Loves: Coral Bling Earrings (Rs 599)

7. A Meal Cooked By You!

Even if it's just Maggi noodles! Because there is nothing cuter than knowing that you tried to do something especially for me. And we could maybe follow it up with a movie marathon?!

8. A Cute But Handy Makeup Kit!

We’re all softies for pretty-looking makeup kits. Of course the contents need to be useful too! Give me a hint about this beforehand though, so I can point you towards the one I actually love and want! :P

gifts from boyfriend

POPxo Loves: Maybelline Ultimate Makeup Kit Red (Rs 1,379)

9. A Perfectly Planned Out Date night

There is nothing quite so special as spending some quality time with you. And if you make the extra effort to plan a romantic evening - whether at home or somewhere outside - it will be made even more special!

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