Boy Bestie vs Girl Bestie: Who WINS?!

Boy Bestie vs Girl Bestie: Who WINS?!
Besties are besties! You love and adore them no matter what. Even though your besties will always be there for you just like you are for them, there definitely are some basic differences between a boy bestie and a girl bestie! So here is a debate about who really is the best!? Boy bestie or girl bestie!

1. “I have boy problems!!”

Girl Bestie: You can pretty much share every single thing with your girl! You don’t need to hold back even one tiny detail. With the guy, ummm not so much!

girl bestie and boy bestie 1

Boy Bestie: Whenever there is a boy related question, you know who to run to. You know you will get very accurate and honest answers! Because who would know a guy better than a guy himself, right?

boy bestie and girl bestie 1

2. SO much to do together!

Girl Bestie: You know every time you feel like going shopping, she will be there, and help you make all the right choices too! Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting her bored!

Boy Bestie: Need someone to go check out all the new places in town with? Just call your boy bestie! Even if you’re venturing into a completely new place altogether, you know you’re safe with him around.

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3. “No one gets me like you do…”

Girl Bestie: A girl bestie totally gets where you’re coming from when you suddenly burst out in tears during a romantic movie! And all because it reminded you of that time your ex. She just gets it!

girl bestie 3 boy bestie and girl bestie

Boy Bestie: He will always make sure that there are no tears in your eyes, and make you laugh instead. He knows how to turn even the most sad situation into a laugh riot!

girl bestie and boy bestie 3

4. “You’re my party fix!”

Girl Bestie: Even if you’re awfully confused about what to wear and what to do, she’ll make sure you dress up hot and step out in full style when you are going for a party. Especially if she knows your crush is going to be there!

Boy Bestie: He will always be your date/ plus one if you ever need him to accompany you to a party! You know he will never bail on you when you need him. Even if it means he ditches other plans!

5. Period Woes?

Girl Bestie: Fighting with her anytime in the month is like an emotional sinkhole! But when you’re on your period, it's even worse because chances are both your cycles are synced given the amount of time you spend together! So amid all the cramps and PMS, you both argue your hearts out. But it's only a matter of time before you’re back on the phone updating each other about what happened that day!

girl bestie and boy bestie  5

Boy Bestie: So he cracks all kinds of jokes about PMS which really annoy you! But his jokes eventually get to you and you just cannot help but laugh with him! He also ignores a lot of things you say because he thinks you’re “PMSing”. But in hindsight, it’s probably a good thing! :P

boy bestie and girl bestie

6. Always To The Rescue!

Girl Bestie: Someone talking trash about you behind your back? She’ll put her in her place and will always defend you no matter what!

Boy Bestie: There’s a creep following you around the bar? He’ll swoop in and protectively place his arm around you. He won’t leave your side the rest of the night, will give the guy a few menacing looks and even tell him to back off!

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