#BeautyDiaries: I Accidentally Got Waxed “Down There”!!

#BeautyDiaries: I Accidentally Got Waxed “Down There”!!
It happened by mistake, really. It was all a big confusion. I was on a work trip and it so happened that I had a day’s layover in New York before I was off for a romantic beach holiday.

And of course, I was not organized enough in the waxing department. While I was running around for meetings, my hubby sweetly agreed to make my appointments for me. The usual - full arms, full legs and bikini line. (By bikini line, I basically mean getting the hedge trimmed, so to speak. So that nothing is peeking out when I'm wearing a swimsuit. Nothing more!)

When I got to the salon, arms and legs happened as normal.

I’d been getting my bikini line waxed for ages, but no matter what the experience was still icky and painful. There I was, on the treatment table, wearing disposable underwear (they make you wear it over there). The therapist was all New York, no-nonsense and professional. She snipped off the underwear. I was so engrossed with my phone that I really didn't realise it. Then all of a sudden, I felt a hot blob of wax a bit too close to an area I really did NOT plan on getting waxed!!!

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“What are you doing?” I almost yelled!

She looked at me a bit befuddled. “But, madam, you asked for a Brazilian!!”

“I so did not!!!” I replied She called the receptionist who rushed in to confirm that I was, indeed, booked for a Brazilian. My husband had “mistakenly” had booked me in for the Full Monty!!

By now the first strip was already pulled. There wasn’t much that I could do but accept my fate.

Till today - if asked, he maintains it was all due to some confusion at the booking taker’s end. That’s how my bikini waxing routine got amped up and now I’m a Brazilian (with a “landing strip”) convert.

It really is ok. Over time I have realised that the key to a happy wax is the preparation. The day before i am booked, I do a quick trim down there and gently exfoliate. An hour or so before the wax, I pop in a painkiller. I wear loose pants or a skirt/ dress to the appointment. Not skinny jeans for sure,

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The biggest tip for a relatively comfortable Brazilian (for that matter, pretty much everything) is timing. Don’t leave it too long between waxes. I aim for one every 8 weeks. And also pay attention to your monthly cycle. Too close to your period, and it’s even more painful.

Also be super careful who you go to. Especially for the first time. A good therapist is the difference between “it was not so bad” and HELL! Get recommendations from a friend whom you trust. Make sure you speak to the receptionist in advance and tell them you are getting one done for the first time and that you want their most experienced waxer. On the day itself - confirm this with them.

When the appointment begins, befriend the lady. Tell her you are a first timer. That you are a bit nervous. And then relax. Or try to. Reading or playing with your phone helps, so does listening to music.

Remember - there is nothing to be ashamed about. So no point in getting shy. She’s seen it all before, and more! It’ll be over before you know it. (Not really, but It does get easier over time!)

After the wax is done, don’t have a hot shower for 24 hours. And you will also realise now why I suggested loose clothing to change into.

For me, at least, once I got used to the Brazilian, it became a habit. It is pretty life-changing!

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