7 TOTALLY Weird Requests These Wedding Planners Got Asked

7 TOTALLY Weird Requests These Wedding Planners Got Asked
As brides, we become caught up in our vision and wedding planning, down to the last minute detail. For anyone else, we might ‘seem’ like a bridezilla, but naaah… We asked wedding planners around the country for the most ridiculous questions they’ve been asked while planning a wedding. So, kick back and have a good laugh!

1. Father of the bride = Don, Don, Don?!

Amrish Pershad, founder and designer of Amrish Pershad Designs tells us -

“The bride's father, who was a hard core Amitabh Bacchan fan, wanted to make a grand entry at the engagement function. He had a beautiful farm with a really high machan, like the ones in Corbett. It was the middle of the engagement party and everyone was asking for the host and his wife - they no where to be found!

Suddenly, there is a complete black out and a spot light focusses on the machan. The bride’s father was standing there dressed as ‘Don’ and carrying a rifle (a real one!). The song ‘Arrey deewaanon mujhe pehchano’ comes on the PA system. He jumps off the machaan and lands straight (using Flying Fox, of course) on to his Harley Davidson bike, while wearing his leather Yaarana jacket (the one with blinking lights like Amitabh wore in the movie1). He rides his bike all over the venue and goes up a ramp on to the stage!

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2. Herowala intro

Devika Narain, a wedding designer and founder of Devika Narain and Company was organising a beach wedding where the groom wanted to make a grand entry. “He wanted to come for the jaimala either on a parachute or a speed boat!” she recalls.

3. Refund milega kya?

...If the wedding doesn’t happen at the last minute, tells Ashish Bhayana, founder of Wedding Magicians. “I had to reply no!”

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4. Can you double up as a health coach too?

Says Pershad, “The most common question I get asked is ‘How can we lose some weight and look young before the wedding though we are sure that the rest will be managed by you and your team in the most aesthetic and professional manner?’”

5. Can I ditch the wedding?

A bride really asked this of Pershad, who has had his share of wannabe runaway brides and whom he’s talked off the ledge!

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6.  2 States IRL!

Says Priya Kushwaha, a freelance wedding planner, “I’m just done with this wedding where the bride was a hardcore Punjabi and the groom was South Indian. They had guests coming from different parts of the world and the bride's father wanted a bhangra troupe to perform at the reception. I was hesitant but when it finally happened, the international guests loved it!”

7. Enter the Matrix

Narain shares that one of her clients happened to be a big Matrix fan and insisted on a Matrix-themed wedding. While a wedding like that would be a tad OTT, the team did end up organising an all white Matrix-themed post-wedding party!

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