6 Ways To Serve Those Shaadi Snacks In Style!

6 Ways To Serve Those Shaadi Snacks In Style!
Getting married is like endless parties thanks to the super excited friends and family! So next time you plan to host a pre wedding party at your place, go DIY with the wedding food!You don’t always need a super-expensive caterer for a kickass spread. Serve up these fun snackers and desserts in an all new avatar.

1. Salad shooters

Give your salad bar a whole new look - figures carved out of fruits and veggies are so passe.

How To Do It: Chop cucumbers, carrots, radishes and anything else you like into long, thin ribbons. Fill shot glasses halfway up with a salad dip (we love anything with yoghurt or hummus) and put in the veggie sticks. These shooters are are no-fuss and so much fun!

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Source: GlamCookingOfficial on Instagram

2. Indian ice cream sundae

Ice cream cones filled with jalebi and kulfi, topped with falooda and rose petals. Tastes just as exotic as it sounds!

How To Do It: Once you have ice cream cones, you’re pretty much sorted. Fill them up with crushed jalebis, a scoop of kulfi and falooda, with a pretty rose petal on the side. You could even garnish them with caramelised dry fruits.

3. Martini chaat

All those who find the chaat ka silver plate annoying raise your hands. Quirk things up by serving your chaat in martini glasses!

How To Do It: All you is need lots of martini glasses and the chaat ingredients. Fill up the glasses with bhel, papadi, onions, tomatoes and sprinkle on gorgeous amounts of sev. Top it with all your favourite chutneys and there you are!

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Source: TheYellowChilli on Instagram

4. Roti sushi

We know it sounds out there but definitely doesn’t taste so. This is a very filling Indian snack that looks like world food and doesn’t dirty your fingers.

How To Do It: Roll tiny rotis with a tandoori filling of your choice and there you have it!


5. Daaru-wali chuski

It’s totally THE thing for your mehendi function. Chuskis in different colours made with the just slightest hint of alcohol. Slurrpppp!

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Source: Aliaabbhatt on Instagram

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