thoughts girls have during periods

20 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has During Her Period!

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

So what if it happens every single month? That doesn’t mean we feel any different about it then when we first got it. If there’s one thing EVERY girl can identify with, it’s our feelings about our monthly crimson visitor. We give you a few thoughts every woman has during her period. Oh well, at least you’re not alone.

1. Oh god! It’s been a month already!!

Here we go again!

2.  It’s so painful I can’t move

Is this what death feels like?!

thoughts girls have during periods

3. How many painkillers can I take?

The last one doesn’t seem to have worked at all. I’m dying.

4. How can I work or do anything today?!

How can society be so cruel?! There should be special holidays for women every month. I should definitely run for President.

5.  I look huge in everything

And everything feels extra tight.

thoughts girls have during periods

6.  Jeans are not even an option

Must find loosest, comfiest pants in my wardrobe.

7. Why, God, WHY?!!

Couldn’t it wait till Sunday when I could lie in bed all day?!

8. I need chocolate

Sugar makes everything feel better.

thoughts girls have during periods

9. I hate men

Life is SO unfair!

10. I just want to feel loved

I feel so alone. :(

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11. I just want to be left alone

People are sooo annoying. I want to just crawl into a corner and lie there.

thoughts girls have during periods

12. I need pizza

Cheese makes everything better.

13. When was the last time I changed my pad?

God, I can’t wait till when I can just slide my underwear on without worrying about a pad!

14.  I could marry this hot water bottle!

Oh, the sweet relief!

15. Is it weird that I’m suddenly craving sex even more right now?

Period sex - kind of messy but also so good!

thoughts girls have during periods

16. Can’t the world be a little more considerate right now?

I mean, my womb is literally shedding an egg at this very moment!

17. Oooooo cupcakes!!

Who cares about calories, I deserve a treat right now.

18.  I can’t wait for menopause.

Imagine never having to deal with your chums EVER again!!!

thoughts girls have during periods

19. OMG, my bestie has her period too

Our cycles have totally synced. Awwwww!

20. Time for a chick flick

Who needs men?! Romcoms, popcorn and a warm fuzzy blanket are the bestest things in the world. <3

thoughts girls have during periods

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Published on Dec 16, 2015
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