Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Friend Is Getting Married!

Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Friend Is Getting Married!
If there is one wedding you’ll remember for the rest of your life, it’s that of your best friend. Bestie getting married is excitement at a whole another level! Here are 14 thoughts every girl has when her best friend’s wedding is announced.

1. My BFF’s taken!

So she’s FINALLY found the one and is ready to settle down. I still can’t get my head around that! And that adds another awesome person to our group. Yay!

friend getting married

2. Dulhan ki saheli - yeah, that’s me!

And I’ve got to look The Best. Let’s begin the shopping, girls!

3. What about our pajama parties?

Will we still be able to have all those sleepovers and lazy sunday PJ parties?

4. But first, ‘I wanna go crazy!’

Time to plan a crazyyyy bachelorette! Let’s get away from the city!

friend getting married

5. Ooh, almost forgot the wedding gift

I can’t gift her dinner sets or bedsheets. Need to think up something more fun and memorable.


6. ...And all the things aunty asked me to do!

Phoolwala for the mehendi and I even have to pick up ladoos. Uff, must get into major work mode.

7. Baby doll main sone di!

Yo, that’s what I am dancing on! And three more songs, because I am the bestie! Lovin’ the sangeet practice.

friend getting married

8. Will there be cute guys at the wedding?

I hear the guy’s side got an entire league of cute and eligible bachelors. *Drool*

9. Drink-o-meter is on!

I am not holding back. Best friend ki shaadi hai, it’s not going to happen ever again!

10. Click! Smile! Click!

Can’t wait to get tons of pretty, pretty pictures for my FB and Insta. And gorgeous selfies!

friend getting married

11. Wait a minute, I might be next

It just hit me. My bestie is getting married and that means mera number bhi aane wala hai. Pretty soon!

12. And she’s no longer just mine

She has him and I will have to share her. We won’t have endless late night chats anymore and I won’t get frantic calls asking for advice.

13. Pheras have started

Why am I choking up? And now I am crying. I never thought I’ll get so emotional.

friend getting married

14. I’m gonna get my hands on some moolah

Because it’s time to steal shoes and make some moneyyyy!

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