#MyStory: He Was My First Crush. Then One Day He Messaged Me...

#MyStory: He Was My First Crush. Then One Day He Messaged Me...
Crushes are special but usually temporary. But what about your first crush? That does stay with you for a long time!

It happened to me in when I was in the 7th standard - I was struck by "the first crush syndrome". At the age of 13, you don't realise that you are not as grown up as you think.

He was the "school ka sports star", two years elder to me. I saw him at every sports meet on Saturdays. He was the reason my Saturday attendance was never low. But as every crush does, this too faded under the pressure of studies and such stuff. Besides, the out-of-sight out-of-mind theory does hold true.

It was not that my friends never tried the matchmaking thing for me! But my bookworm-ness never faded and this resulted in my “zero boyfriends till date” status after my plus two. I was happy with my books, and my crush with his Greek God looks was just a fading memory for me. He was on my Facebook friends list - like everyone else from school - and that was it.

Love wasn’t a pleasant experience for me after that either - two bitter breakups turned me into a complete relationship phobic. Though no one matched the looks and style of my Greek God, I wanted my relationships to last.

"Graduated!" This was my Facebook status once I was done with college. By then there was not even a memory of my first crush in my mind. But guess what who was the first one to like my status? The guy whom i had never said even a casual hello to, the one who sent shivers down my spine every time he kicked the football and scored a goal. Yes! It was my very own Greek God!

A message flew into my inbox: "Congratulations, girl! I have admired your debating skills since school times. Anyone can kick a ball, but it takes guts to speak your opinion in front of a crowd and that too so fluently! Way to go, beautiful!"

meeting my crush again

My heartbeat went super-fast at his words - it was as if I had time travelled back to the age of 13!

I suddenly felt I was beautiful. No doubt I always was, but a girl doesn't always start admiring herself till the time someone she values makes her feel it. My inner voice spoke to me: "See!! It’s such an easy job to start a casual conversation... He is congratulating you on graduating, and you couldn't speak even when he got a job in an MNC!"

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I finally replied to his message with a smiling emoji and said “Thank you so much!” I couldn't type a word more..

After exchanging numbers and talking to him for two long months, I realised he wasn't the unachievable Gpd-like creature I had always imagined. He was a genuine guy who admired the way I presented my point of view and also my smile - which made me smile more often! I felt as if he was someone I would search for even in a sea of people...

Sparks flew, and I realised the universe was conspiring for us to be together! :-)

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