#MyStory: You’ll Never Believe *Where* We Were Making Out... | POPxo

#MyStory: You’ll Never Believe *Where* We Were Making Out...

#MyStory: You’ll Never Believe *Where* We Were Making Out...
It was the day before his birthday when we decided to meet. We hadn't been in contact for a long time due to other stuff going on in our lives....but we both knew why we wanted to meet! ;-) Finding a suitable place for the purpose, however, was proving to be a task.

He suggested that we go to the helipad near an expressway, as it was a secluded spot. There were no lights, so no one could notice us... I agreed. We went there and had a lovely makeout session. In fact, it was so great that we made plans to go there again and do more than just make out!

making out in the car

The next time, though, the moment we reached there, we saw a car approaching us. I still remember how we both got nervous at that moment. To make matters worse, it turned out to be cops!

There were three of them, and it was quite clear that they had come to that spot to drink. We lived in a dry state, so they were also doing something illegal. But we couldn't argue as we were also at fault.

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They started asking us our names and our parents’ numbers - this scared us even more. It took us almost an hour to reason with them and convince them to not tell our parents.

Somehow they agreed... And the funniest part is that they themselves told us not to worry and to have a good time. One of them actually said that we could inform them when we were about to leave. They just went a few metres away and started drinking in their vehicle.

Now, I was so terrified that it was difficult for me to even kiss him. But my guy convinced me. He said they’d allowed us officially, so why not make the most of the time we have?! And yes we did it!

It was our first time in a car, with cops nearby! And they asked us later: “Karyu ne barabar enjoy?" Did you have a good time?

It was an epic night!

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