Dear Boyfriend, Here’s How To Cheer Me Up When I’m Mad At You!

Dear Boyfriend, Here’s How To Cheer Me Up When I’m Mad At You!
Dear Boyfriend,

Did you know that you are the apple of my eye? Truth be told, I hate it when we fight. I love you too much to see you upset. But sometimes, the things you do hurt my feelings too. I never bring this up because I value our relationship more. Instead, I want you to be by my side and cheer me up. You’re my better half, and I want you to bring happiness into my life once again. I’m sure you can do these tiny things for the one you love!

Yours Forever.

1. Hold Me Tight And Never Let Go

A hug from you is all I need. Before we tear each other up with words, grab my hand, pull me close, and hug me tight. I want to hear your heartbeat. I want to know that it beats for me. Your warmth, scent and comfort is what makes me want to put this petty fight behind us. Can we do that, please?

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2. Surprise Me!

I don’t want lavish gifts from you, a thoughtful note or a small token of your affection is what will REALLY make my day. Take me out and surprise me when I least expect it. Trust me, every tiny surprise of yours would mean the world to me.

3. Take Me Out On A Date

No special occasion, but it would be nice if you took me out on a date. Brunch, lunch, dinner, your call. I want to spend time with you. I want to put an end to our differences and focus on our relationship. Every moment I spend with you, you make me fall harder for you.

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4. Make Me Laugh Till My Tummy Hurts

They say that laughter is the best medicine; and you have what it takes to bring a smile to my face. Crack a joke to lighten the tension between us. It will not only make me feel better, but it will bring us closer too.

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5. Compliments Are A Girl’s Best Friend

At moments like this, I want you to make me feel good about myself. I want you to tell me how special I am to you, and the reason why you’re my man and not anyone else’s. These are words, I agree, but they make me feel loved and wanted by you.

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6. Let’s Go Out For A Long Drive? 

We don’t need a planned destination, let’s take off and drive to our heart’s content. Your company, your presence and your love - that is what will make this long drive a memorable one. I want us to get emotionally closer. Like I said, fighting with you eats me up from within. You’re my best friend and my lover.

7. I Need Your Love!

When I’m around you, I feel safe. I feel secure. I want you to hold my hand and tell me that everything is going to be just fine. Love is not a bed of roses, and nor is our relationship. But, that’s the beauty of it, right? We’re in it for the good and the bad times. Thank you, love.

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8. Space Is Healthy

When I’m upset, I could say something that I might regret later. I don’t want to do that to you. I need you to give me some time off. I need to think things over and make sense of them. I need to make these decisions independently. I promise to come around soon. I want to meet you when I’m happy and when I’m my old self once again. If you love me, you would support and give me that space. I know you will understand. I’m yours, forever.

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