How To Get Along With His Best Friend (It’s SO Easy!) | POPxo
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How To Get Along With His Best Friend (It’s SO Easy!)

How To Get Along With His Best Friend (It’s SO Easy!)

Getting along with your man’s best friend is simply the easiest thing ever. And you definitely should! They are the bedrock of his life, and you get to make new friends! Here’s how!

1. Friend-o-meter

Get to know how the two became friends. School time, college mates or work buddies? It’s always good to know how deep the bond is.
1 mans best friend

2. Who’s that guy?

Get to know him better. You might end up getting along like a house on fire!

3. Cheers to the beer

Guys are really easy to please. Make a plan for a beer with the two men post-work and he’ll love you almost instantly! 3 mans best friend

4. Boy time alert

The friend wants to hang out with your man, minus you! Let the two have their own time. popxo_in-story_download_banner_720_480

5. Easy with the texting

And go easy with the texting when your man is out with his buddy. It’s totally going to set off the best friend. Just let them be! 5 mans best friend

6. Turn off the b**** mode

...When the three of you are together! It’s quite a turn-off to be around someone who constantly complains, bitch talks, has jealousy pangs, is forever on a diet or has a bagwati to fuss over!

7. And the mummy in you!

It’s getting late, you’ve had enough to drink, don’t do that, do this. Shut down the dominant mummy in you and have fun!
7 mans best friend

8. Show off the geek

Guys love a confident woman who can lead a conversation. Show ’em what you got girl!

9. For the love of football

Most men bond over sports. Just try and blend in, maybe just once in a while! tag along for a football match screening or a sunday morning game at the golf club. It could be awesome fun! 9 mans best friend

10. Be appreciative

Though men pretend they don’t care, every one loves an appreciative word. After all, this is your man’s best friend, he’s someone special! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 8 Super Cool Gifts The Groomsmen Will Totally Want To Flaunt! MUST-READ: #Aww: This Groom Says The SWEETEST Things About His Bride!
Published on Dec 21, 2015
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