7 Ways We *Talk* To Our BFFs (That No One Else Gets!!)

7 Ways We *Talk* To Our BFFs (That No One Else Gets!!)
We all communicate with our BBFs in ways that no one else will ever understand! Whether it's just nodding our heads or making our eyes bigger in order to deliver a message, they always get it! Here are a few ways girls communicate with their besties that no one else will ever get!

1. Saying the exact opposite thing to make a point clear!

Yes, some may call it sarcasm, but girls know that sometimes you just have to say the exact opposite of what you mean, and your BFF will get it! She will know immediately that you mean something completely different to what you’re saying. You know you can’t always say what you mean when there are other people around!

how girls talk with their besties

2. Talking with your eyes

All you need is a millisecond of an eye contact with your bestie, and there, you both know exactly what you’re thinking. You know why the two of you are smiling or making a straight face or just not even making an expression at all! All you need is a good moment of eye contact to communicate exactly what you’re thinking and feeling.

3. A random change of tone!

A slight change in tone, and you know something is up. A pitch up or down, high or low, and you will immediately ask “What’s up?” Because you recognise every single change in body language or tone with your bestie. You can literally tell when she’s asking you to lie for her or go along with her story simply because of her tone!

how girls talk with their besties

4. Talking complete gibberish!

But you can still somehow understand what the other means. Everyone else might look at you like you’re completely crazy and make no sense. But your bestie? She knows exactly what you mean even when you can’t form proper sentences.


5. Texting with only emoticons!!

Because, you know, each emoticon has its own very special meaning! That you and your best friend have developed over time. And you can literally tell when something is wrong or right with just an emoticon. And it doesn’t have to be a relevant one!

how girls talk with their besties

6. Sending texts in all caps!

No, you’re not always yelling. Sometimes you’re just excited. Sometimes you’re shocked or surprised. Your bestie GETS what the all-caps signify!

7. By simply being quiet

Yes, we even communicate with our besties just via thoughts sometimes. You could be sitting at two different corners of the room or not be at the same place at all, but your bestie will always sense your mood. She knows when you want to stay in and when you want to go out, when you want to talk and when you don’t. In just weird, random ways. It’s no wonder they say your bestie is your soulmate!

how girls talk with their besties

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