Does He Want To Be *More* Than A Friend? 9 Signs He Does!

Does He Want To Be *More* Than A Friend? 9 Signs He Does!
Is there a guy in your life who’s your friend, but you wonder if there might be more to it? Sometimes, you might even feel like his attention towards you, his care and love as a “friend” are much more than just of a friend. But he’s never really said anything to you. So how do you know for sure? Well, if he does have feelings for you, his actions will do the talking. Here are 9 gestures that show he might want to be more than friends with you!

1. He gives you a big bear hug for every goodbye

A tight squeeze, that lingers on a little while longer? If he makes random excuses to keep you with him for “five minutes more” and hugs you like he doesn’t want to let you go, maybe he really does not want to..

he likes you more than just a friend

2. And he dresses the way you like

If you like sweats and sneakers, and he too subconsciously starts dressing in them more often - it shows that he is willing to adapt to the little things about you (including your style) to connect with you better. It’s kind of a declaration to the world that he’s ready to come across as a unit with you - and that’s a pretty good start, we say.

3. He mirrors your movements

Next time when you’re together, watch how he responds to your movements. It may come across as a mere coincidence at first, but if he too sits up straight when you do, or crosses his leg when you do - it means that he is in sync with you and is subconsciously aping your movements to get your approval.

4. He watches you when you walk away from him

If he watches you walk away from him - then his lingering glance means that he wants to relish every moment he can spend with you. It also means that he gets anxious every time you leave him and can’t wait to get back together with you again.

he likes you more than just a friend

5. There’s a LOT of eye contact

More than you’ve noticed him have with anyone else. It’s like when he is talking to you - or you to him - you guys are the only two people in the world. 

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6. He always sits close to you when you two are out together with others

If he usually takes his seat next to you, when you’re amongst friends, know that your company is not the only thing he’s looking for! He also somewhere considers you his support system against the world - and the slight touch of the elbow is his way of staying connected with you, in public too.

7. He randomly touches your hair. Sometimes, he even sweeps it out of your eyes...

Stroking someone’s hair is how people have always shown their love to one another. So if he instinctively sometimes brushes a silly strand or two out of your face, and tucks it back behind your ear - know that this action is laced with all the affection he’s feeling.

he likes you more than just a friend

8. He cups your face in his hands

You don’t plan and cup another’s face - it’s an involuntary action that happens in the moment. When a guy cups your face in his hands, it symbolises an outpouring of fondness that he’s feeling in the moment for you, along with showing the level of comfort and trust he shares with you.

9. He leans his head towards yours

We involuntarily avoid bumping our heads into other people, because they are vulnerable areas that we are cautious of not hurting hard. So if a guy is ready to let his guard down sufficiently to get close enough to risk bumping his head into yours frequently, it means he trusts you more than he does his other “friends’.

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