9 ADORABLE Things Guys Do That Always Melt A Girl's Heart!

9 ADORABLE Things Guys Do That Always Melt A Girl's Heart!
There are things our guys do without even realising that always melt our hearts! These things always make us smile, even if our mood isn’t great. Here are a few such things...

1. When he randomly tells you why he loves you…

There is never just one reason why they love you obviously! But when you do something totally random and he tells you “This is why I love you”, you have to admit that it totally melts your heart!

genuine things guys do

2. When he looks at you with complete concentration while you’re talking!

Like there is nothing else around and you’re the only one they can hear and see. Obviously he ought to listen when you’re talking, but it’s adorable when they pay that much attention to what you’re saying. Isn’t it?!

3. When he does something you would like without you even asking…

The little things always count. And when he does these little things like bring you flowers, or clean the house, or come all the way to see you when you’re upset, it is the sweetest! There is nothing that melts a girl’s heart more!

genuine things guys do

4. When you catch him staring at you from across the room!

Don’t lie, it totally makes your heart skip a beat. When you see your guy look at you with such love in his eyes when he thinks you’re not looking, how could it not?! It is definitely an “aww” moment!

5. When he sends you a message telling you how much he misses you…

Even though you probably just met a few hours back. Letting you know you’re on his mind even when you’re not together in person and you’re both busy doing other stuff is seriously one of the most romantic things ever!

genuine things guys do

6. When he almost scolds you because he’s worried about you!

When he tells you off for not taking care of yourself, you almost feel like a little child being scolded. But it's so cute that he cares so much that you can’t help but melt a little!

7. When he thanks you for the little things you do…

We all do things, big and small, for our partners without looking to get anything in return. But when your partner acknowledges and thanks you for the little things you do, you know your efforts are being noticed and appreciated. And being appreciated for the little things that could very easily go unnoticed is always nice!

genuine things guys do

8. When he makes an extra effort with your family…

He might not always need to and you might not even care as much, but when he makes that extra effort to get along with them, it is worth a heart-melt!

9. When he randomly holds your hand or gives you a hug when you’re out together…

When you’re walking together or even out with friends and he comes and gives you a random hug or holds your hand, you know it gives you all the feels! It’s a super cute gesture that says “I love you!”

genuine things guys do

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