Dear Boyfriend, 8 Cute Things I Want To Do In Bed With You!

Dear Boyfriend, 8 Cute Things I Want To Do In Bed With You!
Dear Boyfriend,

I love it when I’m bed with you. Just lying next to you makes my heart beat faster. You give me goosebumps every time we touch! Spending quality time with you makes me the happiest girl in the world. There are times when the passion gets intense between us, and truth be told, I enjoy every bit of it. But I do look forward to trying some new things in bed with you. I feel these little things can bring us closer together. I hope you agree with me on this things, love.

Yours forever,

1. Let’s Have Breakfast In Bed, Shall We?

Waking up to your smile and grabbing a bite with you after a steamy makeout session is like the cherry on top a cake. We can order in or cook some for each other. Whichever works. Munching my favourite treat and being in your company is romantic in itself. Please let’s do that soon?

in bed with your guy

2. It’s Movie Time!

We could be like Carrie and Mr. Big from ‘Sex In The City’. We could curl up in bed and watch our favourite movies together. I wouldn’t mind spending an entire day in bed just doing a movie marathon with you. A special day just for you and me.

3. Cuddle With Me

As much as I love things getting hot and heavy between the sheets, I also enjoy a good cuddling session. Pull my body close to yours, and kiss me like you mean it. I want to giggle, feel loved and wanted by you. All these tiny things make me fall harder for you. Your love is my drug.

in bed with your guy

4. Tell Me A Story!

I want you to tell me exciting stories and experiences you’ve had. I promise to pay close attention to every word you speak. With the busy lives we both lead, communication tends to take a backseat. Staying in bed and just talking to you about anything and everything will make us grow closer to one another.

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5. Let’s Play A Game

Did you know I have a playful side to me? Let's have a pillow fight, or even better, wrestle! We’re a happy couple and happy couples love to explore their relationship. I vow to plant a kiss on your face after every game. (Especially after I win. Muhaha!)

in bed with your guy

6. Let’s Click Selfies!

On days when I’m not with you, I want to see the pictures of us together. It instantly brings back fond memories. I also promise you that these pictures are for me, and I won’t show them to anyone. This includes my best friend too! Let’s make memories with every selfie we click.

7. Fall Asleep In Your Arms

Sleep is good, but sleeping with you by my side is even better. I’m at peace when I rest my head on your chest. I feel protected and safe in your arms. I don’t want days like these to end. Because with you, it feels perfect. I couldn’t be happier.

in bed with your guy

8. Just Stay With Me…

We could be doing two different things in bed, but as long as you’re lying next to me, life is bliss. Let’s procrastinate together! Put your arm around me and I’ll curl my leg around yours. I feel connected to you each time we’re close like this together. I love you.

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