Crazy Things We All Do When We’re Crushing On A Guy!

Crazy Things We All Do When We’re Crushing On A Guy!
At some stage in our lives, we’ve all had a crush on someone or the other. This person not just made our heart skip a beat when we saw them, but they also had us giggling to ourselves for absolutely no reason! If you’ve ever crushed on someone for the longest time, we bet you’ll be nodding along to this list. ;)

1. Whenever your phone lights up and beeps, you secretly hope that it’s a text from him.

2. You’ve liked all his posts on Facebook and probably even poked him, like, a dozen times!

crush on someone

3. Based on the stuff they like and post on Facebook and Instagram, you already have a vague idea of what he’s into.

4. You’ve bored your friends to infinity and beyond by just talking about your crush, on and on and on…

5. You’ve probably dreamt of having his babies! ;-)

crush on someone

6. You and your friends have a code name for your crush so as to not make things obvious around him.

7. You know his favourite hangout spots, and suddenly his spot has become your favourite too!

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8. You’ve often wondered if he’s thinking about you like you are about him 24/7.

crush on someone

9. Every word he’s said till date, you remember it as if it were a dialogue from an SRK movie!

10. When your crush talks to you, you either suffer from a frozen tongue or get a mini panic attack! (Or even both!)

11. You get goosebumps when your crush likes your picture - every single time! *Faints*

crush on someone

12. You know his parents’ names, his pet’s name, his distant cousin’s name and, weirdly, his great ancestors’ names too!

13. You do a far better job than Sherlock Holmes when it comes to stalking your crush.

14. If you know you’re going to meet your crush soon, you’ll make sure you look your best!

crush on someone

15. You’ve probably doodled his name all over your notebook and walls.

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